February 26, 2008

worlds biggest building

From the sky it looks like a Chinese dragon and is described as worlds biggest building,the chief architects of the building are Foster and Partners.
1.25 million people have been moved from their homes to make way for construction.
Its red columns and muted gold roof are meant to evoke the city's imperial palaces and temples.

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February 23, 2008

unit to measure laughter

Which unit was recently developed/coined to measure the quantity of a person's laugh as well as the sincerity.

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business quiz

Conducted a business quiz at School of Management Studies, Hyd central Univ. Got a mix of basic questions + trivia and set at a starter level.

February 18, 2008

Steve Jobs appology

All the Apple marketing gets dwarfed by Steve's apology for cutting the price and undercutting his early adopters - so much so that MarketWatch's Tom Bemis invents a term for it. whats the term?

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February 16, 2008

business quiz

Finally I got into shoes of a quiz master at IPE. we have given a best shoot to make the content interesting and motivate more people to take up quizzing. Many,I guess start business quizzing after joining b-school(Tata Crucible changing it though) and we want to keep there interest levels up with some interesting and amazing fundas. Even if the questions sounds wired and tough for a student quizzers, we tried to make participants crack them by applying some thought to it.Would love to hear some feedback on it

February 10, 2008

Business quiz @ Hyderabad

The Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) Hyderabad is organizing a Business Quiz on 16th Feb at 12.00 noon ,open to all students, team of two and no cross college teams

Venue: Institute of Public Enterprise, OU Campus, Hyderabad
Date: 16th February 2008, Saturday
Time: 12 noon

Prizes: I Prize - Rs. 10,000/-
II Prize - Rs. 5,000/-

The guy who introduced me to quizzing world, Deepak will be hosting it and I will be helping Deepak in content. promising some classic stuff

February 08, 2008

Leo Burnett and Microsoft

In 1990's Leo Burnett was shortlisted to pitch Microsoft Advertising Account. As the
story goes, Bill gates visited Leo Burnett office and the creative team shared there ideas. After the pitch Mr. Gates was reportedly treated to the customary agency tour. At the end of his tour Bill Gates exclaimed, "Excellent presentation gentlemen, but as I see it,you don't use computers and that would make it impossible for you to understand my business."

Source: David Everitt-Carlson's wild wild East

February 04, 2008

Tata Crucible campus quiz Hyderabad

TC Campus went of from Hyderabad last Saturday. I could not go to the quiz, but got few questions mainly complied by my quizzing partner in college days Rammoorthy.

Rules are pretty much same

a)Top four team directly qualify the finals.
b)Remaining two teams are qualifies through wild card entry. One team selected from (Odd number ) from 5 to 15 . Other team is selected from even numbers from 6 to 16
c)Wild cards round is only through buzzer. It is exiting.
d)Rounds in finals (Cross words, Tata World, Area of choice, Connection round, and one more round)

Anirudh and Aditya qualified into finals as Wild card entrants from odd numbers. 2 teams were in a tie break : 2 questions were passed without answering by the 2 teams in the evens set finally Sumit and Nitin from NIT won the the Wild Card 2nd Round

The teams on Stage:
1)Sumit and Nitin , NIT Warangal(Wild Card entry)

2)Sreemathy and Vishal Gupta , ICAI(Direct of qualfiers)

3)Dejit and Das gupta , DOCS-Univ colleger of engineering

4)Anirudh and Aditya , ICAI (Wild Card entrants)

5) Shanshak and Sairam , ICFAI , Chennai.

6) Chitra Raghunathan and Viswa , Indian School of business.

Anirudh and Aditya from ICAI won the quiz quite comfortable

Suggestions: Brush up your memory about the old advertisements .There is a pinch more easy advertisement in the prelims. Go through some IT questions

Complaints: It happened last year, it happened in ET classroom quiz. Corporates keep on participating in TC Campus Edition..its sad to see some good student teams missing out at the cost of fake students. Participants blatantly cheat in prelims and treating it as yet another exam.I am not blaming organizers, its pretty tough to conduct a fair prelims unless participants are honest and have minimum values

Few question from Tata Crucible Hyderabad:


Code name X-3 , how does India know it today ? It was given Z security ?
Ans: Nano , India’s people car

What was the original flavour of the kit-kat chocolate

Photo: Google tribute to the brand of lego

Which brand of refrigerator is named after physicist and temperature scale

Which company started by importing Japanese brand “Onitsuka Tiger"

Who is known as the “ Pope of Modern Advertising"

Photo: A photo of pregnant man having a caption “ Years of labour , yet to be delivered” . Identify the advertising company?
Satchi & Satchi . The campaign was run for the Labour party , during their election campaign

Hormuzd sorabjee , son of former solicitor general of India Mr Soli Sorabjee , is the founder of which auto magazine - Autocar

Access 125 , a scooter for Indian marker is lauched by whom - Suzuki

Camay soap is from which company - Procter & Gamble

Logo of a Former F1 Team - Miden

Kishore kumar had modeled for a product - Brylcream

Which book talks about “what the rich teach their kids about money , are not taught by the middle class and poor class to their kids” - Rich dad , Poor dad

name of which business legend name means , “ prosperous rice field “ in the local language - : Akio Morito

Lion Pencil had signed on which model years before she became a Miss World - Aiswaraya Rai

Which company ,which produced swords is was recently sold by Energizer holdings - Wilkinson

Audio : A song from Jab we Met . Identify the -- Astha Vianayaka Films

Old ad of Vicks . Identify the brand. The ad is very old one , some where in 1992 to 1996.

Old ad of pepsi.

Wild Card Questions:

Scoops shops is owned by which company - Ben & Jerry.
A B C is technology invented in by ….?What is the technology - Anti Braking System.
You music is onwed by ? Ans: Bose
Barcelona’s T-shirt sponsors - Unicef
What one should not know in this age …some analogy related with brand - Benson & Hedges
L & T cement is known today as - Ultra Tech cement.
In which airlines you would find a louge called “Maple leafs” - Canadian Airlines or Air Canada
Question: Gave the name founder of a concept - Kindergarden.

Screw it , do it ? whose words - Richard Branson
Gave the background for the formation of bank , whose founder won the noble prize for peace in 2006? Ans: Mohammed Yunnus , Grameen Bank
Which company employed a CHO (Chief Happiness officer) - Mc Donalds
Mirage 2000 is manufactured by which company? Dassault Aviation
Panasonic parent company: Matshushita.
Author of “ Future of India” - Bimal Jalan
Dick drew is founder which office equipment- Cellotape


Round I:Cross words

Key words are framed as questions:

1RC from Manchester United: Ans : Red Café.( This is one is for Audience)
Laurent & claument today known as : Ans: Skoda
Actimate are set of toys from : Ans: Microsoft.
TP is a trademark of excellence : Ans Tom peters ( In search of excellence)
Ovi is the intenet portal of which company: Ans : Nokia
WLS India : Ans : Wills stores .(a dull question )
World syndicate of comics: Ans: Garfield
National aviation company : Ans : Air India

Round II : Tata World.

Which tata group of companies is holding a stake in DCB (Developmental credit bank ) . - Tata Securities.

Serwizol , the BPO arm of TCS ,have recently changed their recruitment policy named “ “ , to suit the emerging requirements of what?
Ans: To recruit people who are differently abled , whose work will suit the BPO environment.

Loyalty programme of Taj - Inner Circle.

Jagao rae was campaign run by which tata company - Tata Tea

Round III : Domain Game : Area of choice.

Bruce Artwic sold which tool to Microsoft? Ans :Flight Simulators.

Cover page of “ Who will cry when you die” ? Ans: Robin Sharma

Advertisement having the lines “ Happy father’s day” - Durex.

Photos of Ajay Piramal

What technology was invented as Dynatech by Mr Martin Cooper - Mobile Phone.

Patent diagram of a inventions was shown . Identify - Microwave owen.

Round IV)

Connection round

a) “ Innovators by tradition” b) a song from Om shanty om c) photo of brand named “ e-touch” d)etc e) etc

Ans: Tissot . Connections : Innovators by tradition is the punchline of tissot and deepika padukone is the brand ambassador of Tissot and etouch is a brand from Tissot.

a) Day + Earth , b) photo of bailey brand and J&B.
Ans: Dia Geo. Connection : Dia means day and geo means earth in greek. Other photos are brand of Diageo.

“ Spirit of akron” , b) Founder of the brand c) a song signifying eagle - Goodyear. (Winged eagle , founder of the brand )

Photo of pele , brands of a shoe company - Puma

Round V)

B2B bomber was produced by whom ? Ans : Northmann Grummann
Connect a book of J K Rowling , Mahatma gandhi’s lette etc? Ans: Sotheby’s (Auction house)
Robert Zolleick heads , heads which organization?

Ok thats it..Hope you all will enjoy the rest of the edition of Tata Crucible and good luck to all participants.

p.S: The review is based on opinions collected from my friends who were present on that day. Many do observed few non-students participating on that day.
Please don't jump to conclusions and show fingers on any particular team or individual.