October 12, 2009

The Pigeon

He worked the land as a boy in the New South Wales outback, harvesting wheat, rearing chicken, sticking pigs, while his father, a road-train driver, transported livestock to an abattoir. For release, the young bowler bowled at a 44-gallon drum behind the machinery shed, inflicting “belly wounds” on it. Despite the hours of practice, he did not have the accuracy he has come to be revered for. His captain in bush cricket rarely used his services as a bowler; he preferred to deploy him on the boundary. “It seemed as if everyone thought I was wasting my time playing cricket,” says X. “There were times when it would’ve been easy just to give up; I mean, I didn’t even get a bowl! But I didn’t want to quit.”

He was nicknamed "Pigeon" as his legs are extremely thin, and so his team-mates decided that they resembled pigeon-legs

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October 01, 2009

Red Flag limousine

The limousine in which China's President Hu Jintao stood when he reviewed the military parade at china's 60th nationa day is a indigenous car developed by Chinese, manufactured by FAW.

Hongqi HQE, or "Red Flag limousine" had been a political symbol in China since 1958, when the first "Red Flag" rolled off the production line at the First Automotive Works (FAW).

FAW is China's first automobile manufacturer in 1953 as part of their first fiver year plan with soviet assistance

Hu Jintao stood in a red flag limousine reviewed the military parade Thursday on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of china

CA770 used in the 1984 parade by Deng

What impressed me is the way Chinese go to any extent to have their own distinct brands (copied/inspired or whatever) than relying on western brands.