December 29, 2007

coca cola bottles

chronological progression of Coke bottle

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December 24, 2007

Santa claus and Coke

In 1930's Coke was looking for strategies to increase there sales in winter and hired a guy known as Haddon Sundblom, he created few iconic ads featuring Santa claus and coke.Yes Coke promoted red and white Santa Claus over other competing Santa's

source: Snopes

December 21, 2007

Green Monday

Which company coined the term "Green Monday" to describe the second Monday in December, which the company says is the heaviest online spending day of the year

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December 20, 2007

highest growth in inflation

which country's central bank issued 250,000, 500,000 and 750,000 dollar bills in an effort to tackle the serious cash shortages. Official inflation of the country is 8,000 per cent, the highest in the world.

Answer here

BigMac on school children's report card

Here's how Advertising works in the 21st Century:

1. Think of something that doesn't have ads.
2. Add some ads.
3. Go to Step 1.

wanna proof? here u go..McDonalds sponsors school children's report cards in Florida

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December 07, 2007

bgyan 9

Sandip Mukherjee toped the chart, cracking all 15 followed by karthik (14), Ananth Shankar (13) and Rabi Sankar Saha(13).

Special thanks to Anirudh, Balaji Krishnan , Kamal rathi, Chandan Shahi, Ramakrishnan, Ranjeet verma, Ramaswamy, Shankar, Sandip, Aditya Modi, Sankarshan Baliga, Anubhav Chaterjee, Sunil Singh Rana, Krishnaveni,Ganesh, Rohit Jain, Ahmad Firdaus, Suresh Kumar, Varadharajan, Sathya Narayan,Sandeep kumar, Anand Shankar, Santanu Dey, Chetan rathod, Deepak, Siddharth misra, Murali, Md. Azharuddin,Varun

1. Ashok Todi, father in law of the hapless Rizwanur Rehman own this brand worth Rs200 crore. The brand was endorsed by Sunny Deol. Interestingly Bengalis have voluntarily chosen to shun the product after Rizwanur’s death

Lux Cozi brand of hosiery products

2. Name the automobile manufacturer who announced plans to develop an "Islamic car", designed for Muslim motorists. The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep a copy of the Koran and a headscarf


3. The pitch was so big (three-year contract has a total billings of about $4.5 billion), in fact, that X gave it its own moniker: Project DaVinci. WPP, who won the account, is building a separate agency to serve the client staffing more than 1,000 marketing experts exclusively to the client globally. Name the client who awarded this huge account to WPP.

Dell. the project was named Da Vinci because Dell was looking for the combination of artist and scientist more

4. Who attempted to clone Spider-Man as an Indian kid called Pavitr Prabhakar

Gotham Comics - Marvel Enterprises, Inc. & Virgin Comics

5. The toughest challenge faced by HCL in 1976 was getting permission from the government to make computers. After all atempts failed, they decided to partner with a state government to form a JV. Which State govt joined Shiv Nadar and co to produce computers in 1976


6. Name the the first commercial figure to be displayed at Madame Tussad's museum

A wax figure of a Singapore Airlines stewardess, replete in her batik sarong kebaya uniform designed by Pierre Balmain, in 1994

7. Which company launched a global branding initiative known as Project Heartbeat introducing 0&1 as Brand Ambassador's?


8. Henry Ross, joined in IBM as a salesman after leaving US Navy in 1957, very soon he became a top employee at IBM by completing a years sales target in just 2 weeks. In 1962 he left IBM and established which company?


9. Which company -

a. Mission :
To Inspire and Excite the World of Football.

To develop, source and sell high quality great value football product.

Brand Positioning:
The Authentic Football Brand.

Group Objectives:
To be at least the number 3 football brand in every market in which we operate.


10. His first preference was to join the IAS but his parents insisted that he take up the SBI probationary officer's job. Reason: in 1972, SBI was paying Rs 925 a month, which was Rs 75 more than an IAS salary in those days. Identify Him

11. Which American University officially voted Donald Duck as campus Mascot?

University of Oregon

12. Which airlines released this print ad in 1979 featuring the WTC Twin Towers and a shadow of a plane

Pakistan International Airways

13. He started a company in 1948 known as RUDA

Rudolph Dassler, Ruda is now known as PUMA

14. He got the moniker "The Henry Ford of the shoe industry"

Thomas Bata

15. Mr.X’s started his career as a translator with advertising agency JWT(HTA) since he could read and write English and Gujrati . At age 50, in 1973 he ventured out on his own, to start his agency when he was overlooked for the top job at JWT. How to Succeed Without Tears is one of the book authored by him. Identify Mr.X