May 23, 2008

Origin of Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up gesture has its origins in ancient Rome, and actually mean "Kill him,".In Rome crowd used to decide the fate of went down gladiator. either by shouting

Habet, Hoc habet! (He's had it!), Mitte! (Let him go!) or Iugula! (Kill him!). The gladiator would lay down his shield and raise his left hand to plea for mercy, which the crowd signified either by extending their thumbs up or down (pollice verso), turning the thumb upwards and jabbing it toward the heart (pollicem vertere). In Iraq Thumbs Up sign is a insult which means "Up yours, pal!"

source: Yahoo News

May 22, 2008

Can Advertising help Microsoft beat Apple?

Can Advertising safe Microsoft read more
My take - No way, Microsoft mistakes are strategic, vista is a disaster, zune is idiotic(sold 2 million zune's since it launched in November, 2006. Apple,sold 10.6 million iPods last quarter) xbox is strugling(taken out of India market), and now they are wasting time on yahoo, giving users money to use there search engines. Msft need to innovate and innovate quickly

May 20, 2008


would like to rant about non quizzing stuff from now on, nope not inspired by Big B, but juss wanna share my thoughts on blogosphere. will cover about online media, my baby steps into entrepreneurship and blah blah

May 02, 2008

Useless Trivia

In 2005 US CEo's were paid 465 times more than the average worker, in 1970 it was only 28 times. juss wondering what it will be for Indian CEO's

In 1955, Fortune 500 companies accounted for around 1/3 of GDP in America. By 2000, that share had risen to 2/3.

Golden Shield, is a technology deployed by the Chinese government,that scans data flowing across its section of the net for banned words or web addresses.

300 million - estimated Manchester United fans across globe. Man Utd rocks!!

Raj Thackery and his bunch of jokers are finally doing something sensible. MNS has started a retail training institute to train unemployed marathis. After successfully completing the course, they will be employed by Pantaloons. Hope they don't train how to kick non marathi customers out of retail outlets