May 19, 2010

Brand Equity Quiz - 2010 Mumbai Regional Finals

BEQ saw one more close finish, this time between HUL and ParAmerica. ParAmerica cracked some really tough ones, but took a huge risk going for the final question. ParAmerica got a negative and HUL cracked an absolutely easy tiebreaker question.
70 odd teams participated in the prelims and following teams reached the regional finals:
Savoir Faire Media (Harshvardhan Bhatkuly & Rajiv D'Silva)
Sun (Mitesh & Amit)
Crisil (Sameer & Dhananjay)
IMRB (Sudhanshu & Amol)
PraAmerica 9puneet and Meghashyam)
HUL (Pradeep & Mohit)

First Round:

1. What should be served at exactly 6 degrees and poured in 120 seconds – Draught Guinness
2. The founder of dexter shoe company used for the first time the concept of – Factory Outlets
3. If you are shopping at Maniharon ka rasta, what are you buying- Jewelry
4. Who wrote the book- principles of Management – David Ogilvy
5. Young girls want Barbie to be - Anchorwomen
6. In 1896, what was cultivated for the first time by Raghu Bhosle – Nagpur Orange

Second Round:

7. In conouge, specialists say half of the product is lost because of the manufacturing process known as Deb Baktha. Which product am I referring to – Athar, Perfume
8. What does Budtender to – They study Marwana
9. Rose Friedman collaborated with her husband and wrote the book ‘ Free to chose’. Who is her famous husband – Milton Friedman
10. What is common to United Robotonic, Meid Advertising..etc etc – All Fictional companies in Television Shows.
11. Sanka was a brand which defined its category de café. How did it got that name – From Sans Café
12. What was replaced in the Nepalis currency note – King of Nepal was replaces
13. Which industry is the largest customer of Robotics industry – Automobile industry

Third Round:

14. Print ad of coke
15. Film poster of Das numberi
16. ILO logo
17. Identify the typeface – Baskerville
18. George Eastman Kodak picture
19. Time cover of Nizam of Hyderabad
20. Bigboss, Casio reals..are all types of Fenni
21. Opening lines of which book – “On a sticky August evening two days before her due date….” – The Namesake
22. The year is 1975, the client is Xerox, the publisher is esquare, the topic is traveling through America. What did Xerox did and backed off after a controversy – Advertorials
23. Why did steve jobs sold all his Apple stocks except one after disagreement with Jhon Sculley – to receive annual reports
24. What is dutch auction – action in which prices go down

Fourth Round:

25. A video clip from the movie maandi
26. Audio clip of Warrren Buffet speech
27. National Stock Exchange anthem
28. Up in the Air TVC

Fifth Round:

29. Which two Indians travel in business boeing jets- President and PM
30. USA Today has listed which advertising icon on top of a list of imaginary luminaries and most influential people who never lived – Marlboro man
31. Which country reduced its time zone to give a boost to its economy from 11 timezones to 9 timezones – Russia
32. Most expensive city after London, HongKong and Tokyo – Mumbai
33. How many languages appear on Indian currency note – 15

Tie Breaker

34. Which company would you associate with Unbutton campaign - Levis