August 23, 2011

New York Times First Front Page Advertisment

CBS is the first advertiser to appear on front pageof New York Times. The NY Times for decades resisted advertisers demand to place advertisements in front page. After a great amount of debate and resistance they finally approved the ad unit in 2009 during a sever industry downturn.

August 09, 2011

August 08, 2011

Tata Crucible corporate Round questions Hyderabad 2011

Below are some of the questions from Tata Crucible corporate Hyderabad round finals,2011:
Round one:

1. What is Rachet Effect

2. Who is a 99er

3. What is the difference between Vintage Champagne and a Champagne according to french laws

4. Question on origins of 360 degree appraisal

4. Abbreviation of Chinese auto company, BYD

Build Your Dreams

Round 2-

1. Pic of Rishab Premji

2. Identify the brand from print ad - Nivea

3. Image of Fatima,a famous toy modeled around barbie for Middle east market

4. Question on designer of Catherine Middleton wedding gown

5. Identify  the mathematician in the currency note

Carl Friedrich Gauss, the normal distribution curve that he introduced, as well as the mathematical equation for the curve

6. Image of wimbeldon towel


Rd 3 -

1. Brand name of PepsiCo - Tata Global Beverages glucose -


2. question on Tata Steel JV with Nippon

3. question on satish panda's book on wild orchids

4. Tata Chem and Temasek Life Science partnered to produce jatropha

Rd 4 Connector on

1. Temsec singapore investment fund

2. infosys medal recipients

3. Dabur group (showed kings XI, dabur logo and played a song of sonakshi singh who endorses a brand from dabur

4. brand union (Vodafone and airtel logo are deigned by them and some wired connections)

Rd 4.

1. question on NCERT history and their roles and responsibilities

2. History of Lotte the confictionary brand

3. History of wired  magazine