March 31, 2007

Howard Schultz on Starbucks

"A heady aroma of coffee reached out and drew me in. I stepped inside and saw what looked like a temple for the worship of coffee.... It was my Mecca. I had arrived." — Howard Schultz(founder of Starbucks) on his first visit to Starbucks in 1981

worlds first open source car

Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, introduced worlds first open source car dubbed as "c,mm,n"(pronounced as common) at AutoRAI, Amseterdam. The cars genetic make up are available online and people just need to select parts according to there needs

March 28, 2007

Sakichi Toyoda

Its in 1888 in rural Japan a young man watched his mother work weave cloth through out the day on a manual spinning loom, a tool thats used for centuries. it pained him to see her scrap a hard days work because of a single broken thread in the finished garment. The young man challenged himself to built a better loom by 1898 he built Japans steam powered loom resulting in quadruple productivity and half costs

The young man who did it is Sakichi Toyoda..founder of Toyota motors
Source The Elegant Solution by Matthew E may

one of my fav businessmen

X earned his pocket money in 5th standard thru his pet business

X split from his brothers after his dad passed away without taking any stake in the property or business

X started his business with Rs 15,000 is now worth Rs 500 crore

for a truly inspirational story and answer click here

March 27, 2007

Rural Beauty pagents

Which Indian FMCG is planning to host beauty pageants - XYZ Sundar, Susheel, Yogya Pratiyogita - across rural India. The competition for finding beautiful, good-natured and capable women from villages as part of its strategy to relaunch the firm’s flagship hair oil

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strange facts about Einstein

Albert Einstein applied for early admission into the Swiss Federal Polytechnical School. He passed the math and science sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest(history, languages, geography, etc.)! Einstein had to go to a trade school before
he retook the exam and was finally admitted to ETH a year later

More interesting facts about Einstein Here

Caught by schoolgirls for misleading advertisment

Which company was fined $156,000 for misleading advertising after two science students found its iconic drink Ribena contained no detectable vitamin C during there school project work

Answer cnn

Porsche 911 a.k.a 901

When the Porsche 911 was introduced in Frankfurt in 1963 the model was called 901.But later,they discovered that Peugeot owned the rights to all three-digit model numbers of any combination with a zero in the middle, and this was non-negotiable.Porsche had to rename the car as 911

March 23, 2007

Brand Equity Quiz Hyderabad

Last year India second runner up, Rahul and murthy of Vizag Steel plant won Hyderabad leg of Brand Equity quiz. Content lot better than previous year though Derik surprised everyone asking questions like ‘What originated because of Nawab Syed kazmi(guess I got it right) wanted refined Sheek Kabab..oops

The teams on stage provided enough humor through some wild guesses and asking few dumb questions to QM(What will happen if no one answered a buzzer question..!!!)..but they truly deserve to be on stage ok in and all a good show by all Teams and Derek. The Best part of the quiz a 60yr + old woman answering the first audience question.


1. Aurangazeb brought which food item to Hyderabad thru Nizam mulk - Biryani
2. When it started in 1802 what did Dupont manufactured - Gun powder
3. Mother designated one of the 4 Aurovilles zones as the industrial wat name did she give - Auroshipam
4. Only 2 princely states issued paper currency one J&K other - Hyderabad
5. In 1963 US Govt Org started using a digital icon called Mr. Zip, for promotional campaigns - US Postal Service
6. What according to Pliny's natural histroy is the most delicate of foods - butter
7. What according to Gandhiji is income earner for a poor widow and becomes a power symbol in the hands of Nehru - Charka
8. " Hole in the wall " what service is this by What part of the service does Barclays bank refer as “Hole in the wall” - ATM’s
9. These toys were invented by a liverpool clerk and patented as "Mechanics made easy" - Meccano
10. Which brand of sunglasses is made by Luxottica group - Rayban
11. Difficulty of shipping coke to Germany led to creation of which soft drink brand - Fanta
12. Which controversial lady would you associate with the fragrance "Sh……" - Jay guddy
13. Who inspired Googles founders to write a owner's manual before they went public - Waren Buffet
14. 1st Indian company to intro hydrogenated cooking medium in 1982 - Wipro
15. Markets target ED tablets to men with ….. - Erectile Dysfunction
16. Karsanbhai Patel pic
17. Showed a Short and asked fro a 5 letter word to describe that kind of garment- - Boxer shorts
18. Visual - Bata Museum in Toronto
19. Pic of Swaraj Paul
20. Print ad of GATI ad
21. Who according to Forbes 2006 list, which non-political woman tops the list - Indra noyi
22. Whose first book titled as"End of economic man" - Peter Drucker
23. "Tsingtao" is the no.1 beer in which country - China
24. Sale of which food item is the chief fund raiser for girl scouts - Cookies
25. Who was elected the member of congress working committee and served as its treasurer in 1933 - Jamanlal Bajaj
26. In England who r popularly known as the Brylcreem boys - Royal Airforce Pilots
27. In the 70's Meryll Lynch execs in Manhattan used this courier service instead of their inter office mail as it was considered slow - Fedex
28. Which company set up Indias first tyre research inst Hari Shukla Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research - JK tyres
29. In 1990 who was voted by sports illustrated as the most powerful man in sports - Mark Mccormack
30. In the year 1600 which org was granted a 21 year monopoly on all trade - British East India company

Question from Finals
31. What is new about Redwire DLX jeans…first - ipod compatible jeans
32. The earliest licensing deal of Mickey mouse for using the image is on a - Writing table
33. Only Indian inst to be mentioned in Dilbert - IIT
34. Worlds first refrigerated ship carried what - Meat
35. Only 2 comp in Europe to manuf this product one company is Wengar..tell the product or the other company.. - Swiss Army Knifes & Victornox (some of the answers given footballs, Cell phones)
36. Wat unusual future will u find on every page on Tom Peters book…. - An Exclamation Mark
37. Top 5 Markets of Jhonny WalkerUS, Greece, Australia, Spain and.. - Duty Free Shops
38. Print ad of loreal, Smirnoff
39. Pic of IKEA Founder
40. Aviva Logo
41. Pic of Winning book from Jack & Suzy Welch
42. Sears Tower Pic
43. P.Drucker statement “The Productivity of the Worker is not the responsibility of the Worker But responsibility of the Manager
44. Which brand enthusiasts tato more regularly - Harley Davidson
45. Why are buttons on right side for men and on left side to women
46. On Jan 5 Wat did Turkey drop to wipe out inflation - 6 Zeros
47. Economist call it protein energy malnutrition as wat - Undernourishment
48. Logos of Air India, Bajaj, Merill Lynch, Bacardi, Wipro, MSN
49. Video Clip of Tata sky ad
50. 7th Nizam have 1 of the biggest Diamond(105 carat) wat waas it used for – Paper Weight
51. 1st edition of which magazine was released on 1947 - Chandamama
52. In 2005 Haldiram exported 10,000 kg of - Pani puri
53. Common to Yuvraj, Arjun, Sarpanch - tractors
54. Deepti Salgorkat assisted whom in writing the book ‘The Man I Know’ - Kokilaben Ambani
55. Owner of Blues also owns Bandit - Roman Amromavich
56. Which Indian state has highest number of Airports - Gujrat

March 22, 2007

Coca Cola

Which Country’s farmers want the word 'Coca' dropped by the United States soft drink company, arguing that the potent shrub belongs to the cultural heritage of this Andean nation, where the coca leaf infuses everyday life and is sacred to many

Farmers demanded that Coca-Cola drop the "coca" from its name to "dignify"
the "bioenergetic" leaf that provides the main ingredient in cocaine.

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March 20, 2007


He heads a global pharma company

He received $ 11.4 million compensation, just fired 10,000 employees last year in the name of cost cuttings but got 36% increase in his salary (A classic case study on Golden Parachutes)

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March 08, 2007

bgyan # 5

1. Joking about his designation X said “Well, I wanted to be called an Archduke or something, but then the folks at Google told me that the last Archduke was assassinated in the early twentieth century and that started the First World War. So therefore I dropped that demand and decided that --- would do just fine. Identify X and his designation at Google

2. The first group of 100 passengers in which plane are known as 'The Founders'

3. Identify the woman. Referred to(behind her back) as the 'Witch of Wall Street' She was known for two things: her ability to make money and her inability to spend it.

4. X Started a stock broking outfit after his retirement from Test Cricket. His main business now is stadium lighting systems and hiring out cameras and lights to Television software producers including news channels. Identify X

5. Which company introduced “Higher Standards” slogan after the aftermath of Enron and wave of Wall Street scandals.

6. Which term in US refers to ATM’s run by non banking entities?

7. Which company devised its proprietary Living Standards Measurement Index (LSM) as an alternative to Socio Economic Classification (SEC)?

8. The worlds first branded Emoticon :-{) was introduced by which company through this print campaign. The 360 degree campaign includes pages on social networking websites such as Beyonce, David Beckham and few youtube videos

9. Which famous company was founded by 2 rail road operators, a physician, a meat market operator and an attorney in 1902. The company could not afford to pay its presidents a salary during there first 11 years

10. Which famous brand of cigarettes name was inspired by the fabled California Gold Rush

Send in your answers to to only those who participate

coke mentos experiemnt

The most important commercial content of 2006 was created by a juggler named Fritz Grobe and lawyer Stephen Voltz, and distributed on a website called Revver. Named as "The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment it got about 40 lakhs+ views and $100 million of exposure for, free. Coca-Cola decided to incorporate the videos, and other user-generated footage, into its website.The 2 guys have earned more than $28,000 from ad spots in the first 2 months .More videos available at eepybird.

My fav video -

March 07, 2007


Amazing ad..of a Belgian magazine

Peanut Butter Manifesto

In his now-infamous "Peanut Butter Manifesto," leaked in November, senior vice-president Brad Garlinghouse criticized Yahoo!'s lack of focus, but poured out his passion for the portal. BTW Yahoo offered to buy Google for roughly $3 billion in 2002, now google is a cool $147 billion company more at wired

March 02, 2007

Robert Bigelow

Robert Bigelow in 1995, founded the now defunct National Institute for Discovery Science to investigate paranormal activity and alien abductions, principally because his grandparents claimed to have had a close encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). He also owns Bigelow Aerospace the only private company with a spacecraft currently in orbit, the Genesis I.