December 31, 2008

Why seven days in a week?

They are different reasons for it, but many believe Astrologers at that time recognised seven planets (including the Sun and Moon) and assigned one planet to rule each of the 24 hours of the day,and this gave raise to 7 day

December 30, 2008

New Blogs

Started a new blog on trends and insights, rightinsights have a look :).

Also I am volunteering for Voteyatra, VoteYatra is about bringing the elections to the voters. VY is looking for volunteers who can devote some time and In specific w for Joomla/Drupal coders. If any one would like to join please do shoot a mail to me or

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December 09, 2008

History of Tipping

Tipping egan as an aristocratic practice, a sprinkle of change for social inferiors, and it quickly spread among the upper classes of Europe and rich Americans returned back to USA after the civil war.

The word evolved from 'drink money' supporting the idea that the practice began in eating establishments and was meant to avoid envy on the part of the server and to send the message that the server should have a drink at the customer's expense.

Americans hand over some $42 billion in tips

December 05, 2008

TAPMI Quiz on the Beach

T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal as part of there annual B-school fest "ATHARVA" is conducting a corporate quiz , on 10th jan at Kaup Beach, Udupi, Karnataka.

Quiz Flavour: Business Quiz
Host: T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal
Quiz Master: Mr. Arul Mani
Date: 10th January 2009
Open to Corporates.

check out the links below for further details:

Poster and Rules (link to
Atharva Website (link to

December 04, 2008

Get your voter card from a nearest dustbin

Registering in election rolls is one big challenge in India, its so complex that many ordinary citizens loose what ever little interest they have to take part in democratic process.

EC recently launched a huge voter registration drive in Hyderabad. In fact for the first time in India, they kept voter registration drop boxes in malls,post offices and other public places. All there efforts paved and some 50k citizens registered as voters in a month. Unfortunately few officials are showing there laziness and gave voter id cards to local leaders to distribute them. As true Indian politician, the local politician dumped approx 7000 voter ids of sections who may not vote for his party in dustbin!!

Ok a bit of election trivia - America's founding father George Washington spent 40 pounds on booze for his neighbors to win an election in 1785 and in the 2004 US presidential election, three million votes were never counted.

Source: Eenadu

December 02, 2008

December 01, 2008

Origin of the Word Terrorism

Terrorism originates from the latin word 'Terrere",which mean to frighten, and the french word "terrorisme" which is associated with the reign of terror of the revolutionary government of France from 1793 to 1794, when over 20,000 people were killed.

Unfortunately since 2004 more Indians are killed by terrorists than all of North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia put together. We are next only to Iraq,and witnessing more terror strikes than Afghanistan!!

Terror Records of UPA and NDA governments-

UPA govt - Total terrorism incidents - 25,000 deaths - 7000
NDA govt - incidents 36,259 deaths - 11,744