June 28, 2008

Remebering Sam Manekshaw

The first Indian to become a Field Marshal, Sam Manekshaw passed away at age 94, on 27 th June.On any metrics Field Marshal Sam Maneekshaw is one of the greatest solider of India his heroics in WW2 fighting against Japanese despite his stomach ripped with 7 bullets and his Leadership during Indo-Pak 1971 war, his no compromise attitude with babus and Netas are legendary,

Sam Manekshaw confronted with Indira Gandhi herself and could be the only person who have guts to crack a joke with her.

The Field Marshal narrated this incident at the inaugural Field Marshal KM Cariappa Memorial Lecture in October 1995 at Delhi.

"There is a very thin line between being dismissed and becoming a Field Marshal. In 1971, when Pakistan cracked down in East Pakistan, hundreds and thousands of refugees started pouring into India, into West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. The Prime Minister held a Cabinet meeting in her office. I was then summoned.

A very angry, grim-faced Prime Minister read out telegrams from the Chief Ministers of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura.

She then turned around to me and said, 'What are you doing about it?' And I said, 'Nothing, it's got nothing to do with me. You didn't consult me when you allowed the BSF, the CRP and RAW to encourage the Pakistanis to revolt. Now that you are in trouble, you come to me. I have a long nose. I know what's happening.'

She said, 'I want you to enter Pakistan. And I responded, That means war!'

She said, 'I do not mind if it is war.'

I said 'Are you prepared? I am certainly not. This is the end of April. The Himalayan passes are opening and there can be an attack from China.'

I turned around to the Prime Minister and said that the rains were about to start in East Pakistan and when it rains there, it pours and the whole countryside is flooded.

The snows are melting, the rivers would become like oceans.

All my movement would be confined to roads."

Manekshaw told Gandhi that the Air Force would not be able to provide support because of climatic conditions. "Now Prime Minister, give me your orders. The grim Prime Minister with her teeth clenched said, 'The Cabinet will meet again at four o'clock.'

The Cabinet members started walking out. I being the junior most was the last to go and as I was leaving, she said, 'Chief, will you stay back?'

I turned around and said, 'Prime Minister, before you open your mouth, may I send you my resignation on grounds of health, mental or physical?'

She said, 'Everything you told me is true.'

'Yes! It is my job to tell you the truth,' I responded. 'And it is my job to fight, it is my job to fight to win and I have to tell you the truth.'

She smiled at me and said, 'All right Sam, you know what I want?' I said, 'Yes, I know what you want!'"

As a true leader, When Indira Gandhi requested Manekshaw to travel to Dhaka to oversee the surrender of Pakistan, Maneshaw refused to do so, stating his Army Commander in the East, Lt General Jagjit Singh Aurora, should have the honor.

It unfortunate that our commander in chief of armed forces, aka president, Service chiefs, Defense minister or none of the senior cabinet colleagues don’t have time to pay final rites. A nation which observed 3 days of official mourning on pope’s death, don’t even show minimum respect to its legendary soldier.

Soldiers never die, they just fade away.

Three cheers to Sam!

June 19, 2008


Name the Indian Designer who designed this Google look a like sari(G is missing in it)

Answer in Comments

June 18, 2008

IBM Lingo

Acronyms frequently used in IBM -

Boil The Ocean - To use all means and options available to get something done

Hard Stop - A time at which meeting must end no matter what

Measured mile - where a manager, puts an employee who within a year, will most likely leave the business

LOBS- Line of Business

and my fav one Management Initiated Separation - Getting fired


June 12, 2008

SWITCH Companies

New lingo.

The top six India-based offshore service providers, collectively referred to as the ‘SWITCH’ companies (Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant and HCL Technologies), accounted for 2.4% of the total worldwide IT services market in 2007 as compared to 1.9% in 2006, according to a report by Gartner. More here

June 11, 2008


Project Da Vinci was named as Enfatico by Dell and WPP. Enfatico is a musical notation that means play each note “with emphasis” or “emphatically" and that is how the new agency will work.
Project Da Vanci is a new marketing model designed by Dell to have a single integrated mktg and comm agency. Casey Jones a VP in Dell recognized Dell is working with 800 odd agencies globally and felt the need of a partner which focus only on Dell's business.

June 07, 2008

New York Trip

Been to New York recently, some interesting pics -

Parking is a big problem in Financial Dist, they juss charge 8.5$ + tax for 30 mnts parking, no wonder why many people prefer useing public transport

Taken from Millennium Hilton Hotel 22 floor, which is bang opposite to WTC, Ground Zero, they are constructing a memorial,which was supposed to be finished by 2010, but lack of funds effected the project and it will be finished only by 2015. silly, the most powerful nation on earth don't have funds to construct a memorial.

Brooklyn bridge world's first steel wire suspension bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Brooklyn bridge I guess is one of the fav suicide spot in NY

Liberty Statute has been used by many advt. My fav one is this Levis ad

Ha even elevators are not sparred, seen this ad inside a elevator at Empire State building.

Funeral Corporations and funeral shops are quite popular in chinatown, dont know exactly what they do.