June 25, 2007

window shopping

Ralph Lauren has unveiled a new form of window shopping.in which you can browse Ralph Lauren’s merchandise and order directly from the window

Boris Becker, demonstrating the "window shopping" screen

June 13, 2007

Alfred peet

Alfred Peet’s story father was a coffee roaster in the Dutch village of Alkmaar.In 1938, when Alfred was 18 years-old, he began helping his father roast and blend coffee beans. During WWII, Alfred was forced into a German labor camp. By 1948, Alfred left his domineering father and spent time in Java and Sumatra. While in the Indonesian Islands, he gained an appreciation for exotic, full-bodied Arabica coffee beans. In 1955, Alfred found himself working for a coffee importer in San Francisco. Eventually, he became unsatisfied with the poor quality of coffee the importer was roasting and selling.

Finding himself unemployed in 1965, Alfred Peet decided to open up his own coffee shop roasting and selling high-quality coffee.Peet’s Coffee & Tea opened for business on April of 1966 in Berkley, CA. (It was a few years later when three coffee-loving friends opened up a coffee shop in Seattle, WA selling Peet’s coffee. That coffee shop was then known as Starbucks Coffee Tea & Spice

source from Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast and Brand autopsy

June 12, 2007

Self Esteem Campaign

Which brand used YouTube to ask their consumers to help create the Self-Esteem Campaign.

A one minute video under the campaign which ends with the tag line: "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." bought over 3 million views

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June 11, 2007

Seven fat years, seven len years

Which industry was said to experience a "seven fat years, seven lean years" model -- seven years of boom, followed by seven years of bust.

Following that pattern, the late 60's/early 70's were great (the "-tronics" boom -- this is when Intel was funded by Arthur Rock), the mid-70's were terrible, 1978-1985 was great (the PC!), '86-92 was terrible, '93-99 was fantastic, and '00-06 was not so good.

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in 1529 the sons of King Francisco I of France were taken hostage in Spain, he paid 12 million escudos for their ransom, and had to wait 4 months while the kidnappers counted the money and verified the authenticity of the coins. They rejected 40,000 coins because they did not meet the specified requirements.

Ancient Egyptians where the first to wore paints as a method of protecting their skin from the sun. The skin painting later became a way of separating social classes

The advertising philosophy of United Colors of Benetton is based on Luciano Benetton's belief that 'communication should not be commissioned from outside the company, but conceived from within its heart.'

June 01, 2007

Tic tac

When Christopher Colombus sailed to West Indies in 1492, he carried a crate of Tic Tac mints. These were used to barter with the native people he encountered. The Indians used to treasure the tiny mints, adopting them as a unit of measure and primitive currency. Unfortunately with only a single crate available the mint based currency system goes bankrupt and the Indians went back to Coca beans as currency