December 29, 2007

coca cola bottles

chronological progression of Coke bottle

P.S: working on coke trivia, shoot a mail to if you know anything interesting about coke

December 24, 2007

Santa claus and Coke

In 1930's Coke was looking for strategies to increase there sales in winter and hired a guy known as Haddon Sundblom, he created few iconic ads featuring Santa claus and coke.Yes Coke promoted red and white Santa Claus over other competing Santa's

source: Snopes

December 21, 2007

Green Monday

Which company coined the term "Green Monday" to describe the second Monday in December, which the company says is the heaviest online spending day of the year

Answer here

December 20, 2007

highest growth in inflation

which country's central bank issued 250,000, 500,000 and 750,000 dollar bills in an effort to tackle the serious cash shortages. Official inflation of the country is 8,000 per cent, the highest in the world.

Answer here

BigMac on school children's report card

Here's how Advertising works in the 21st Century:

1. Think of something that doesn't have ads.
2. Add some ads.
3. Go to Step 1.

wanna proof? here u go..McDonalds sponsors school children's report cards in Florida

Read more here,

December 07, 2007

bgyan 9

Sandip Mukherjee toped the chart, cracking all 15 followed by karthik (14), Ananth Shankar (13) and Rabi Sankar Saha(13).

Special thanks to Anirudh, Balaji Krishnan , Kamal rathi, Chandan Shahi, Ramakrishnan, Ranjeet verma, Ramaswamy, Shankar, Sandip, Aditya Modi, Sankarshan Baliga, Anubhav Chaterjee, Sunil Singh Rana, Krishnaveni,Ganesh, Rohit Jain, Ahmad Firdaus, Suresh Kumar, Varadharajan, Sathya Narayan,Sandeep kumar, Anand Shankar, Santanu Dey, Chetan rathod, Deepak, Siddharth misra, Murali, Md. Azharuddin,Varun

1. Ashok Todi, father in law of the hapless Rizwanur Rehman own this brand worth Rs200 crore. The brand was endorsed by Sunny Deol. Interestingly Bengalis have voluntarily chosen to shun the product after Rizwanur’s death

Lux Cozi brand of hosiery products

2. Name the automobile manufacturer who announced plans to develop an "Islamic car", designed for Muslim motorists. The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep a copy of the Koran and a headscarf


3. The pitch was so big (three-year contract has a total billings of about $4.5 billion), in fact, that X gave it its own moniker: Project DaVinci. WPP, who won the account, is building a separate agency to serve the client staffing more than 1,000 marketing experts exclusively to the client globally. Name the client who awarded this huge account to WPP.

Dell. the project was named Da Vinci because Dell was looking for the combination of artist and scientist more

4. Who attempted to clone Spider-Man as an Indian kid called Pavitr Prabhakar

Gotham Comics - Marvel Enterprises, Inc. & Virgin Comics

5. The toughest challenge faced by HCL in 1976 was getting permission from the government to make computers. After all atempts failed, they decided to partner with a state government to form a JV. Which State govt joined Shiv Nadar and co to produce computers in 1976


6. Name the the first commercial figure to be displayed at Madame Tussad's museum

A wax figure of a Singapore Airlines stewardess, replete in her batik sarong kebaya uniform designed by Pierre Balmain, in 1994

7. Which company launched a global branding initiative known as Project Heartbeat introducing 0&1 as Brand Ambassador's?


8. Henry Ross, joined in IBM as a salesman after leaving US Navy in 1957, very soon he became a top employee at IBM by completing a years sales target in just 2 weeks. In 1962 he left IBM and established which company?


9. Which company -

a. Mission :
To Inspire and Excite the World of Football.

To develop, source and sell high quality great value football product.

Brand Positioning:
The Authentic Football Brand.

Group Objectives:
To be at least the number 3 football brand in every market in which we operate.


10. His first preference was to join the IAS but his parents insisted that he take up the SBI probationary officer's job. Reason: in 1972, SBI was paying Rs 925 a month, which was Rs 75 more than an IAS salary in those days. Identify Him

11. Which American University officially voted Donald Duck as campus Mascot?

University of Oregon

12. Which airlines released this print ad in 1979 featuring the WTC Twin Towers and a shadow of a plane

Pakistan International Airways

13. He started a company in 1948 known as RUDA

Rudolph Dassler, Ruda is now known as PUMA

14. He got the moniker "The Henry Ford of the shoe industry"

Thomas Bata

15. Mr.X’s started his career as a translator with advertising agency JWT(HTA) since he could read and write English and Gujrati . At age 50, in 1973 he ventured out on his own, to start his agency when he was overlooked for the top job at JWT. How to Succeed Without Tears is one of the book authored by him. Identify Mr.X


November 28, 2007

Henry Ford

Henry Ford's inspiration to assembly-line production came from a visit he made as a young man to a Chicago slaughterhouse."The idea came in a general way from the overhead trolley that the Chicago packers use in dressing beef."

November 27, 2007

World's first Rich Media Ad

HP's Pong Ad useing Rich Media considered to be world's first rich media ad..the ad banner was used in way back 1996/1997

November 21, 2007

Thursday Trivia - 8 General Trivia

Initially they are no restrictions on the size n width of cricket Bat, but one day(in 1771) a smart alec came to bat with a bat width of the stumps.Thus came a new rule that the bat be officially limited to a maximum of four and a quarter inches in width

chao gu" or stir frying stocks - Chinese slang for trading.

Pit trading traces its roots to 1848, when the Chicago Board of Trade was founded to protect farmers by creating a marketplace to hedge against extreme price swings brought about by droughts and bumper crops.

Li ka shing, founder of Hutchison started his career as a salesman selling watches at his uncle’s store,and then selling high quality plastic flowers at bargain prices.He then entered into real estate because he couldn’t renew the lease for his factory and was forced to purchase and develop a site himself..n the rest is history.

Roman Abramovich, richest Russian and owner of Chelsea Football club also owns a huge collection of luxury Yatch's dubbed as "The Abramovich’s Navy"

November 10, 2007

funda behind high heels

In 16th century aristocratic, French women used to wear high-heeled shoes, so high they were literally standing on there toes and could not walk on them and servants were hired to help the women. The fashion reportedly owed much to the Venetian husband's desire to make sure his wife didn't travel far while he was away.

What an idea!

November 08, 2007

$25,000 hot choclate

Serendipity 3 a restaurant in Newyork, partnered with luxury jeweler Euphoria New York to create the "Frrozen Haute Chocolate," a blend of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the most expensive and exotic from around the globe.

The dessert, spelled with two Rs, is infused with 5 grams (0.2 ounces) of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet lined with edible gold. At the base of the goblet is an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds.

The sundae is topped with whipped cream covered with more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier.

The restaurant - a setting for the John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale movie "Serendipity" - already holds the record for the most expensive drink, the $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae

What the hell is edible gold?? This is absurd, but the whole point is to generate PR and media loves to cover such monkey deeds.

On other side –

Every day around 24,000 people die directly from hunger or hunger related diseases and some 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition,and 1 billion people across the globe living on less than $1 a day.

Nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion - live on less than $1 per day, while the world's 358 billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45 percent of the world's people

3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on US$2/day.

November 06, 2007

Think Different

The script of the ad goes like this

” Here’s to the crazy ones.

The misfits.

The rebels.

The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules.

And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.

They push the human race forward. And while some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think
that they can change the world… are the ones who do

which term..

Which term was coined by The Economist in 1977 to describe the decline of the manufacturing sector in the Netherlands after the discovery of natural gas in the 1960s

Click here for answer

November 04, 2007

loo problems

The World Health Organisation has estimated that around the globe up to 2.6 billion people – one third of the planet’s entire population – do not have access to proper toilet facilities. More than half of them live in China and India.

700 million Indians dont have access to toilets!!!

pity :(

November 01, 2007

Thursday Trivia

South African Airlines is the first non-Saudi airline to fly a direct Hadj service to Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, is the first Indian, or maybe even Asian, to have an airplane

Pit trading traces its roots to 1848, when the Chicago Board of Trade was founded to protect farmers by creating a marketplace to hedge against extreme price swings brought about by droughts and bumper crops. The concept evolved into today’s futures and options trading

At his death in 1937, Rockefeller was worth $20.3 billion, representing one fifty-second of 1937 U.S. GDP

Stock exchanges originally came about from trading in agricultural and other commodities during the Middle Ages at what were called Euro-Fairs

October 29, 2007

Eco friendly t-shirts

The eco friendly Tshirt is made from 50% cotton and 50% recycled plastic bottles..juss name the brand which launched the intiative..answer in Comments

HEINEKEN WOBO: The brick that holds beer

Mr. Alfred Heineken got an idea after a visit to the Caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials.He then decided to design a building using used beer bottles.

The structure in the pic used oil drums for columns, Volkswagen bus tops for roof and the WOBO bottles for walls.The shed at the Heineken estate and a wall made of WOBO (world bottle) at the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam are the only structures where the ‘beer brick’ was used


October 23, 2007

Teleocom Italia Ad

This is one of my fav ad..
Released In 2004 by Telecom Italia using Gandhi's feature and exerpts of his speech at the Inter-Asian Relations Conference, New Delhi, 1947. click here to read the whole speech.

This ad is made by the advertisement agency Y&R Italia Srl for Telecom Italia and won the Epica - Europe's Premier Creative Awards award for the year 2004

Gandhi's words in the ad:
"If you want to give a message it must be a message of ‘Love’, it must be a message of 'Truth'. I want to capture your hearts. Let your hearts clap in unison with what I’m saying. A friend asked yesterday, ‘Did I believe in one world?’ How can I possibly do otherwise, of course I believe in one world".

BTW, A U.S.-based licensing company CMG Worldwide tried to capitalise on the name of Mahatma Gandhi with the aid of his grandson Tushar Gandhi. read more

October 22, 2007

Italian Mafia

Italian Mafia recorded a turnover of more than $120bn (£60bn) a year. 7% of Italy's output is filtered off by organised crime.


October 18, 2007

Thursday Trivia

Kimberly-Clark developed the "disposable handkerchief" to commercially develop excess creped wadding capacity. The tremendous increase in cars increased the sale of cosmetics, particularly cold cream, to combat the effect of wind hitting the faces of women riding in cars open to the elements. Naturally, they needed something to remove the cold cream. So the tissue trademarked "Kleenex" was developed as a disposable substitute for cloth face towels in 1924

some of the co-branding initiatives - Puma has worked with Mini to produce a special-edition car; Acer has worked with Ferrari to create a laptop computer; Volkswagen has partnered with Apple to create an iPod-compatible Beetle

More than 25% of the entire population of the world has collected stamps at one time in their life.

Conflicts from 1990 to 2005,costed 23 African nations $300 billion, a study by Oxfam International has found

Black Friday traditionally is the kick-off to the holiday shopping season in USA. On that day, retailers try to outdo each other with the deepest discounts, or "doorbuster deals," that they offer only for the first few hours that day

Global wealth increased 7.5% last year to $97.7 trillion, according to Boston Consulting Group. And of the 9.6 million households globally with more than $1 million in assets, 49% of them lived in North America.

Carlos Slim-controlled companies make up one-third of the $422 billion Mexican Bolsa, or stock exchange

Delays in Airbus A380 project have cost Airbus 6bn euros (£4.17bn; $8.5bn)

October 17, 2007

which club

The club was founded on the 15th of August, 1889, with a sole purpose of beating the British at their own game(football). The founder was lawyer Bhupendranath Basu, who would later become Indian National Congress President. Two players became Governor of West Bengal.

It is the oldest football club in Asia.The club is also known as Mariners. The Government honoured the club with the title "National Club of India" In 1989, during the club's centenary year and to honour there famous win over East Yorkshire Regiment to clinch IFA Shield in 1911 the Government of India issued a postage stamp.

The name of there mascot is "Baggu" (means 'Tiger').

Click here for answer

October 15, 2007

Bgyan 8 - business quiz

Presenting Bgyan #8. Answers to only those who attempted. Mail u r replies to

1. 13 of the 15 members of the Indian T20 cricket squad promote one brand. Which Brand?

2. 'Cricketguniya' a kind of anti-cricket epidemic that spreads whenever India starts loosing in cricket is a new promo idea of which company. This campaign was supposed to be aired after T20(they thought India will be out from T20 at early stages)

3. Which famous bollywood director acted in two commercials – Fevicol (Dam laga ke) and Chal Mera luna

4.In the early 1990's Mr.X stumbled on a news report about a Vietnamese born French pilot using helicopters to help foreign investors travel all over Vietnam . This made him think of abysmal lack of helicopter services in India and decided to enter into helicopter services. Name the company started by Mr.X?

5. Connect 'lalkaar', 'Wheels of India', 'The first class offer' and 'Power Deal'

6.What was founded by Dr.S.S.badrinath in 1978 as a 16 bed hospital with one Operation Theater on the campus of Vijaya Hospital . The hospital was started by a group of philanthropists at the request of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Sankaracharya of the Kanchi?

7.India will be soon promoted as a "MICE Destination' to tap the $280 billion global market. What does MICE stand for

8. ---Designed by Max Meidinger in 1957, it is symbolic of neutral Switzerland and an expression of new optimism in the aftermath of World war 2

9.Which city in Italy , is known as "The capital of engine" since the factories of most Italian car manufactures are located there

10. The Musalman, a daily newspaper from Chennai is perhaps the last newspaper in the world ----?

11.Which company means "Giver of good things” in Sanskrit

October 14, 2007

Charles Piccirillo Awesome Print Ad

This print ad was created in 1960 by Charles Piccirillo to promote the National Library Week.

The headline consisted of the alphabet in lower case letters like so:

It was followed by this copy:

“At your local library they have these arranged in ways that can make you cry giggle, love, hate, wonder, ponder, and understand.

It’s astonishing to see what these twenty-six little marks can do. In Shakespeare’s hands they became Hamlet. Mark Twain wound them into Huckleberry Finn. James Joyce twisted them into Ulysses. Gibbon pounded them into The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. John Milton shaped them into Paradise Lost.”

Came across this at Creativethink, awesome copy

October 10, 2007

Garibi Hatao!!

An urban family earning less than Rs508.26 a month would now be considered "Poor" and will be entaitled to all the benefits according to a new poverty benchmark set by which Indian State Government.

Click on Comments to know who those dumbos are

October 04, 2007

Thursday Trivia 5 - famous dropouts

Bill gates, dropped out of Harvard law college, when he was just 19 years old to start Micro-soft, along with Paul Allen who dropped out in his sophomore years from Washington State University to work as a programmer for Honeywell

Steve Jobs dropped out from Reed College after six months

Blake Ross started as an intern at Netscape Communications when he was a 15-year-old prep school student in Miami. At age 17, he helped created the Firefox Web browser, which has since grown into the biggest threat to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia and dropped out of high school at 16 years of age. when he was 15, he had started two business ventures: growing Christmas trees and raising parrots! When he was 17, Branson opened his first charity and started his first record business. Along with Nik Powell, Branson opened a small record store in London called "Virgin.

Evan Williams Dropped out from college at 20 and sold his pioneer blogging company to Google

Popular web content distribution software, RSS was invented by Swartz when he was just 14. Swartz joined Stanford to graduate in sociology but dropped out to co-found

Larry Ellison out his sophomore year at the University of Illinois and then dropped out again after just one quarter at the University of Chicago

Michael Dell, in his dorm at University of Texas Started started to custom-build and sell computers. Dell's computer business actually was so successful that at the age of 19 he dropped out of college to run the business full-time.

Ralp Lauren, Ray kroc, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steve wozniak, Li-Ka- Shing(founder of Hutchison group, this guy is simply amazing), Ted Turner(kicked off from college), Amancio Ortega(son of a railway worker went on to became one of the richest Spaniard) are few more prominent business magnets and inventors who dropped out of college but still succeeded in there endeavors.

Moral of the story - Its all about passion.
Thanks Utsav for helping me out in the post. Will be posting Thursday trivia bi-weekly from now.

October 01, 2007

Nike N7

N7 is the first shoe designed for a specific race or ethnicity by Nike.
Nike designers and researchers looked at more than 70 tribes nationwide and found that in general, American Indians have a much wider and taller foot than the average shoe accommodates and designed N7 with a larger toe. All profits from the sale of the shoe will be reinvested in health programs for tribal lands.

The N7 name is a reference to the seventh generation theory, used by some tribes to look to the three generations preceding them for wisdom and the three generations ahead for their legacy


Exxon Naming

A lady, sitting next to Raymond Loewy at dinner, struck up a conversation.
'Why', she asked 'did you put two X's in Exxon?'
'Why ask?' he asked
'Because', she said, 'I couldn't help noticing?'
'Well', he responded, 'that's the answer.'

Source: Branding Strategy

September 26, 2007

Thursday Trivia -5 Steve Jobs special

•Steve Jobs was born on the 24th of February 1955 in San Francisco, California and one week later put up for adoption by his unmarried mother who was attending graduate school

• Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went into business together producing “Blue Boxes” which used a whistle from Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal boxes to reproduce the 2600Hz tone used by the AT&T long distance telephone system, which allowed free long distance phone calls to be made.

• One of the reasons why Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak named there company as Apple – Apple would come before Atari in the phone book

•To raise capital for Apple computers Steve Wozniak sold his HP 65 electronic calculator for $500 and Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus for $1000, but the buyer paid only half because the van blew its engine within weeks of the sale

•Steve Jobs and Mike Scott fought over the awarding of employee numbers, Steve jobs was upset that he was designated employee number two, to Steve Wozniak's number one. Steve Jobs finally fought and got “Number Zero”

•Steve Jobs named Apple’s personal computer as Lisa. Apple stated that the name was an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture. Lisa is the name of Steve jobs first daughter. He refused to accept Lisa as his own daughter, he went to a paternity test, the report came back showing a 94.97% chance that he was the father of Lisa Nicole

•Steve Jobs & Wozniak, without any college degrees, money or experience went on to build a Fortune 500 companies in less than five years

•“If you wanted to get Steve jobs to agree to a new idea, something that was a good idea but that Jobs hadn’t thought of, you told him the idea, and then just let him reject it. A couple of weeks later he would come rushing over to you and tell you how he had just had a great idea and would proceed to tell you the same idea. As far as Steve was concerned, it was now his idea ”Reality Distortion field" is the phrase coined by Apple employees to describe this tactic

•Steve jobs sold most of his stock in the aftermath of his departure in 1986, he retained only a single share in Apple just to receive the company’s annual reports

•Many employees at Apple developed a fear of encountering Jobs while riding in the elevator. When ever Steve jobs meet a employee in elevator he used to ask a question What do you do for me(Apple)?" and they say something like "I work in the so-and-so dept" then Steve will get all hot headed if he hates that dept or some project the person worked on then fire them on the spot. The act came to be known as "Getting Steved."

•A Regular Guy Written by Steve's biological sister Mona Simpson is directly inspired by Steve's life... but it's officialy a fiction and should not be considered a biography.Some other books written on Steve Jobs:
The Little Kingdom, The Journey Is the Reward, Steve Jobs & The NeXT Big Thing, The Second Coming Of Steve Jobs, iCon, Accidental Millionaire (claims Steve's success was a fluke), Apple Pixar mania

source- wikipedia,icon

Still working on Dropouts who made big in Business world.. will try to post it next week

September 20, 2007

Thursday Trivia - 4

•King Mswati, Forbes Richest Royals youngest member and the only one from sub-Saharan Africa is 39-year-old King Mswati III of Swaziland, with a net worth of $200 million. Almost every year, he chooses a new bride from among 20,000 naked bare-breasted virgins; so far, he has 13 wives and is building a palace for each

•During World War II, Germany created special currency, specifically for concentration camps

•The Guinness Book of Records declared the "longest real word" in the English language to be “floccinaucinihilipilification” (29 letters)

•Kim Jong-il, dictator of North Korea. Kim Jong-il is known as Hennessy greatest customer, he spends $720,000 per year on the cognac while many North Koreans live in extreme poverty. Hennessy Cognac is one of the finest and oldest cognacs in the world

•Nokia 2100 is the first phone to feature the famous Nokia tone. Nokia’s target is to sell 4,00,000 phones but sold 20 million phones

ok, less content this week some very interesting stuff on steve jobs..mail me if you know anything interesting about steve

Minister of Public Spaces

when asked what her ideal job would be,Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop replied: "Minister for Public Spaces - I'd give every town its Day of Delight. There'd be pianos in the squares, music and dancing, and mad, unexpected sculptures everywhere."

(Via - Telegraph)

September 17, 2007

check de

easy one..Vidya(not sure of her name), the check de girl..goalkeeper n captain of Indian womens hockey team acted in a commercial with Sharukh Khan..which one?

Answer in Comments

September 12, 2007

Thursday trivia - 3

Sorry, could not post on drop outs who made big in business world, will try to post very soon.

• Forrester reports about 30 percent of social networking site users befriended made a brand profile to become eligible for exclusive offers, events or sales or because another friend recommended it (the cool factor). Forrester has dubbed this type of marketing "friendonomics,"

• During World War II, Japan occupied many countries in Asia, the Japanese Government printed their own currency in those countries called "Japanese Invasion Money" or JIM

• During World War II, Nazi Germany used prisoners in the Sachenhausen concentration camp to produce very high quality forgeries of the Bank of England’s £5, £10, £20, and £50 notes. These were considered the most perfect counterfeits ever produced during the war

The idea was to drop the forged banknotes over England from airplanes and thus wreck the British economy - however, the Germans used these notes to pay their spies abroad instead. In fact, after the war, a German spy Elyesa Bazna, unsuccessfully tried to sue the German government for outstanding pay!

• More than 25% of the entire population of the world has collected stamps at one time in their life.

• co-branding initiatives rolled out last year - Puma has worked with Mini to produce a special-edition car; Acer has worked with Ferrari to create a laptop computer; Volkswagen has partnered with Apple to create an iPod-compatible Beetle

. The Learning Annex has offered Paris Hilton a cool million bucks to teach a one-hour "How to Build Your Brand" seminar

September 05, 2007

Thursday Trivia

here goes the second Thursday Tivia, a weekly series to enrich your grey cells with business trivia

•Donald trump Wrote Surviving at the Top just before his company plunged into bankruptcy

•The biggest live audience ever recorded was one billion people for the Chinese New Year celebrations gala shown by Chinese state govt broadcaster CCTV.

•M&A accounted for 34% of all company name changes among US companies in 2006

•The Swiss watch industry has had a specialized horizontal structure in which producers of movements and producers external parts supply their products to assemblers, called "etablisseurs", who put them together and make complete watches and clocks.

•In the 70’s Ralph Lauren introduces his women’s wear line, inspired by his wife who would go into boys stores for shirts and hacking jackets.

•Japanese people buy over 40 percent of luxury goods worldwide.

•Ex-American, President Dwight Eisenhower discouraged May Day protests by proclaiming May 1 as "Loyalty Day."

•Volvo is offering a tool to help drivers realize when they are too drunk to drive.Its Alcoguard device tests alcohol levels in drivers and will be available as an option on its 2008 Volvo S80, V70 and XC70 models

•Steve "Woz" Wozniak changed his name into Rocky "Raccoon" Clark to complete his Berkeley degree to avoid any untoward publicity or recognition due to his industry celebrity status. Wozniak created the pseudonym using his then wife's maiden name, Clark, and his dog's only name, Rocky.

Stay tuned for next weeks special on college dropouts who built successful business empires

shoot a mail or drop a comment if u know any trivia of college drop outs..even names will do

September 02, 2007

Go veggie!! Save earth

Animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined according to a report by UN.

Environmental groups released that billboards featuring a cartoon image of Mr. Gore eating a drumstick next to the tagline: “Too Chicken to Go Vegetarian? Meat Is the No. 1 Cause of Global Warming.”
These Billboards are targeted at Algore who fights against global warming, but a non-veggie ..poor chap more on it here

August 29, 2007

Thursday Trivia

I am starting a new series form this Thursday known as Thursday Trivia, will be posting interesting titbit's and trivia I came across in a week. Dear readers, do shoot a mail to if u came across anything interesting, for now enjoy this weeks dose

Ram Chandra Agarwal, CMD Vishal Retail started his career in 1985 in a rolling shutter company at Rs 300 a month, next year he opened a 50 sqft garment shop the rest is history

If the per capita consumption is Rs 13 a day, then the individual is above the poverty line, according to Arjun Sengupta report on the Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihood in the Unorganized Sector

The only fictional character with a higher degree of recognition than Ronald McDonald is Santa Claus

The British Parliament adopted the first legislative act concerning trademarks in 1266 under the reign of Henry III, and according to that act, every baker had to put his or her mark on the breads that were produced

Ray korc(McDonalds) worked with Walt Disney in World war 1 Red Cross Ambulance Corps, after war Kroc played piano in Chicago Bars and restaurants and sold paper cups

McDonald's franchise owners were trained at McDonald's "Hamburger University" in Elk Grove, Illinois, where a training course led to a "Bachelor in Hamburgerology with a minor in french fries

Cable television, formerly known as Community Antenna Television or CATV, was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania in 1948

ISO is a Greek word, with meaning "equal"

Thomas Edison received his first patent for an electric voting machine.unfortunately, politicians did not want such a machine since they used a delay in the counting of votes to influence the opinions of their colleagues

The Newyork Times cut their costs by $10 million per year by reducing the width of their newspaper by 1.5 inches

August 27, 2007

Why orkut is popular in Brazil

Loren Baker on why Orkut is popular in Brazil:

Orkut sounds like Yakult or 'iogurte' (yogurt). Yakult is the Brazilian version of the popular Japanese Yakult yogurt drink. Everyone drinks it in Brazil when they’re kids. There is a totally unintentional instant association between the words Orkut, Iogurte and Yakut in Brazi


First it was Quizzing Society of DoMS, IIT Madras blogger(he Deleted it now), next a Delhi Lover ripped of every word from my TC Hyderabad review.

I don’t hold any copyrights for content; I don’t mind anybody using it for any purpose as long as they give proper credit.

Google is watching, beware!!

August 26, 2007

first of its kind

The Wispa bar first appeared in 1981 for a trial in the North-East. A rival to Nestle's Aero, it had the slogan "Bite it and believe it".

Cadbury's discontinued Wispa in 2003 and replaced under the name of 'Dairy Milk Bubbly'.

Cadbury's was relaunching Wispa in Oct,2007 after which unusual event?

Click on Comments for Answer

Ninja Loans

Named by Mizuho Corporate Bank, ninja loans are syndicated loans arranged in Japan for foreign companies or institutions that are mostly denominated in yen.

The other kind of Ninja loans are given by banks and main cause of sub prime crisis in USA.

Banks have started extending loans to people who have no realistic way of paying back these loans. these category of laons are known as NINJA Laons..wat does Ninja stand for

Click on comments for Answer

August 23, 2007

first SMS

On December 3, 1992, an engineer named Neil Papworth sent the very first SMS with "MERRY CHRISTMAS" on it, to his collegeagues at which company in Great Britain.

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August 21, 2007


On right is Apprentice Host Donald Trump..who is on left.

He is a Time person of the year and in race for American president.

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August 18, 2007


from 1776-2000, the first 224 years of U.S. history, 42 U.S. presidents borrowed a combined $1.01 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions, but in four years alone(2000-04), the Bush administration borrowed $1.05 trillion

(via: CNS News)

August 17, 2007

The most inhuman..

Sir John Hawkins -Portugal -The Royal African Company -Treaty of Utrecht - Jamestown square

Connect the above?

For Answer click comments

August 12, 2007

Tata Crucible

Wow what a finish both Tata Internal track n external track went till the last question at Tata Crucible Hyderabad.

Well I guess Giri would have a decided to make prelims damn tough. The cutoff would be somewhere near 10-12 with highest near 15.

Prelims this time is more of trivia n history than current affairs

Winners: The Tata Track was won by the TCS team who where runner ups from last 3 years. They defeated a young TCS team. Three teams had a chance to win on the last question.

External: A consistent Satyam team of Murali and Bharghav defeated another Satyam team. Finally a Hyderabad team won the Hyderabad leg this year

Now coming to questions..from prelims,Internal and external rounds

1.“My word is my bond” is motto of LSE

2.Touch stone pictures is a division of Walt Disney

3.Saint Gobian video ad

4.Official Timekeeper of F1

5.Venture capitalist in Dilbert comic – Vijay

6.Sotheby’s ticker symbol – BID

7.First Indian airline to get an Airbus A380 – Kingfisher

8.NFL logo

9.Murdoch bought stake in Wall Street Journal form which family – Bancroft family

10.World richest footballer according to fortune (or fobes) Ronaldhino

11.Who bought 100% stake in Lintas India – Inter republic Group

12.Oscar’s are audited by Pwc

13.Penegra is Indian version of Viagra from Zidus cedilla

14.The adventures of bystander” is a book written by

15.Media refers Caterpillar as

16.‘Steel solutions for a better world' – Arcellor

17.Ken & Midge beast friends of Barbie

18.Original name they thought of is ‘presspaq’ from the world of Compaq it was finally named as – Pessario

19.They thought of calling there company as ‘limited unlimited’ – Microsoft

20.‘Vonamor’ campaign Romanov vodka

21.Pic’s – Greg Barett of Intel, co-optex logo, Tesco logo, master card print ad, Sega mascot

22.Author of ‘Out of the crisis’ deming

23.‘From Alonso to the makers of scorpio they worked for me’ – Renault

24.Originally known as the Dayton Dry Goods company – Target

25.Financial inst which runs the operations of the Discover brand credit cards – Morgan Stanley

26.They Supply high tech fuel for AT&T Williams f1 team – petrobras

27.North Delhi Power corp logo

28.Which tat company created a mascot ‘Dr.Vishwas’ – Rally’s

29.Tie Breaker question for 2nd and 3rd place

30.With Which business info sys company would you associate with ‘DUNS’ number – Dun & Bradstreet

31.Pics of Joseph bombardier and ken kotharagi(Playstation)

32.Video ads pf Opel, Asian paints, Planet M, kissan

33.Rover Logo

34.‘Wave Runner’ which company will you be associated with it – Yamaha

35.Jamshed Tata trust pledged… 2007 to whom – LSE

36.Eden gaurds, KSCA stadium connect – wified by Tata Indicom

37.Baista is acquired by Lavazo

38.Dominos introduced Zapizza along with – is the largest fan community of which band….

40.Who wrote ‘The Affluent Society’ –John Kenneth Galbraith

41.Kookaburra funda

42.Connectors – world space, Marshal Mcluhan

43.Logo of Lovato

44.Saralee funda

45.What is Brand Bindass from UTV

46.Name the finance prof who replaced kenith R at univ of Chicago – Raghuram Ranjan

47.Worlds first antidepressant was better known as …is from which company – Roche

(P.S - ques based on my memory)

August 06, 2007

Intel’s Business Plan

In 1968 Bob Noyce’s business plan for INTEL was a one pager which excited investors. He wrote it on a typewriter, and noted that “he had little feeling about how detailed it should be”. However, he got funded despite typing errors.

Intel’s Business Plan in 1968:

The company will engage in Research, Development and manufacture and sales of integrated electronic structures to fulfill the needs of electronic system manufactures. This will include thin films, thick films, semiconductor devices and other solid state component used in hybrid and monolithic integrated structures

A variety of process will be established both at a laboratory and production level. These include crystal growth, slicing, polishing, solid state diffusion, photo lithographic masking, vacuum evaporation, film disposition,assembly, packaging and testing as well as the development and manufacture of special processing and testing equipment required to carry out those process.

Products may include dioded transistors, field effective devices, photo sensitive devices, photo emitting devices, integrated circuits and subsystems commonly referred to by the phrase “large scale integration” principal customers for these products are expected to be the manufacture of advance electronic systems for communications, radar, control and data processing. It is anticipated that many of these customers will be located outside California

August 04, 2007


Richistan is the new word coined by Robert Frank in his book Richistan: a Journey Through the 21st-Century Wealth Boom and the Lives of the New Rich

According to Robert Frank within the U.S. there now exists "Richistan," a strata of "super rich" individuals. Richistan is a booming virtual country of the super-wealthy built on the boiling stock markets of recent years.

Richistanis have 400-foot-yachts, 30,000-square-foot homes, house staffs of more than 100.

Some stats from the book:

Wealth of all US millionaires was $30 trillion, more than the GDPs of China, Japan, Brazil, Russia and the EU combined.

The richest 1% of Americans control 33% of the country's total wealth.

The richest one per cent of Americans earn about $1.3 trillion a year - more than the total national income of France, Italy or Canada.

Source: Forbes

August 02, 2007


Speedee is the old log of McDonald's before Golden Archies

August 01, 2007

The Paul Principle

The Paul Principle: People are promoted until the job is no longer any fun.

humm sounds interesting more on it here

July 30, 2007

Which Industry..

Americans now spend $41 billion a year on "--" its more than the gross domestic product of all but 64 countries in the world.

Last years spend is double the amount shelled out a decade ago, with annual spending expected to hit $52 billion in the next two years.

Americans Spend on -- is excess of what Americans spend on the movies ($10.8 billion), playing video games ($11.6 billion), and listening to recorded music ($10.6 billion) combined.After consumer care it is the fastest growing category in retail, expanding about 6% a year.

Click here for Answer

July 28, 2007

coca cola kid

The CocaCola Kid- A movie felt never so refreshing! is a movie about a American Marketing Executive from Coca Cola visitsing their Australian operations and tries to figure out why a tiny corner of Australia has so far resisted all of Coke's products.

Coca-Cola Kid was a joint venture from Coca-Cola and Sega (who also released a special edition red console with the game as a pack-in).

July 23, 2007

Tea auctions

The first auction dedicated to tea took place in craven House, which became known as 'East India House'. These auctions were held quarterly and held under a system known as "Sold by the candle", where by a candle was marked off in inches it was lit when the bidding began, the hammer was bought down as the first inch line was reached and so on down the candle for each lot

July 20, 2007

Operation pooch

After 2nd world war American Express was engaged by U.S. government to help transport the belongings of soldiers stationed abroad , and one memorable initiative was “Operation Pooch”. which involves shipping more than 10,000 adopted dogs back to USA

July 19, 2007

Bejing 2008 Olympic Tourch

Lenovo-designed Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch. Lenovo's design, the "Cloud of Promise," was chosen over 300 competitor themes

The primary theme of the torch’s artwork is clouds, which are intimately associated with Chinese culture, and are often represented in works of Chinese architecture, drawing and painting, furniture and story-telling.

Bejing 2008 Olympic Tourch

Lenovo-designed Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch. Lenovo's design, the "Cloud of Promise," was chosen over 300 competitor themes and will be carried by torchbearers around the world in the Olympic Torch Relay preceding the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The primary theme of the torch’s artwork is clouds, which are intimately associated with Chinese culture, and are often represented in works of Chinese architecture, drawing and painting, furniture and story-telling.

July 16, 2007


Pierre Bellon joined a little ship supply company founded by his grandfather in 1895 and observed a recession in ship supplying business and started Sodexho in Marseille in 1966.

One of the turning point in Sodexho’s history came in 1970. Bill Fishman, CEO of ARA services(A leading food services provider) called Pierre Bellon to Paris. Bill want to acquire Sodexho a 4 year company at that time. Bill Fishman coaxed Pierre Bellon to visit the US for a few weeks in 1970 as he hoped to buy Sodexho. After seeing companies which are 250 times bigger than Sodexho at that time, Pierre Bellon decided to stay in business

Sodexho stands for Societé d'Exploitation Hotelière.In English, this translates to "company that provides services used by hotels

In 2001, a student-led boycott of Sodexho services on 60 campuses called “Notwithourmoney” pressured Sodexho to sell their shares in Corrections Corporation of America, the leading private prison company in the U.S.

Sodexho founder Pierre Bellon’s infamous comment “I used to invest in hotels. But with prisons, I can guarantee 100 percent occupancy rate every night” was quoted by Michael Moore in his 1997 book, Downsize This!

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the Official Outfitter of Wimbledon. Polo Ralph Lauren is the first designer in Wimbledon's 129 year history to create and outfit all on-court officials including chair umpires and ball persons

July 06, 2007


Business Magazine Forbes was started by Bertie Charles Forbes in 1917 .

Forbes started his own magazine “devoted to doers and doings” in 1917. Originally, he wanted to call the publication Doers and Doings, but Walter Drey, the general manager of the Magazine of Wall Street, convinced his new business partner to use his last name because it was well-known with the investment community. In the end, the phrase was incorporated into the masthead: Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings.

The first cover story was a competition to find the best employer in America.

Forbes had success earlier in the year with a book called Men who are making America , a collection of short biographies about businessmen, and its success allowed him to start the magazine. In 1926, Forbes followed it up with a book titled Automotive giants of America .

some famous quotes by Bertie Charles Forbes:

Vitally important for a young man or woman is, first, to realize the value of education and then to cultivate earnestly, aggressively, ceaselessly, the habit of self-education.

The man who has done his level best, and who is conscious that he has done his best, is a success, even though the world may write him down as a failure

The most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.

July 04, 2007

The GM Nod

The GM Nod - Everyone sits in a meeting and their heads bob up and down, “yes sure, we will do that.” Then they leave that conference and turn to whoever is nearby and say: “Like I’ll ever agree to that.


The first advertisement for credit was placed in 1730 by Christopher Thorton, who offered furniture that could be paid off weekly.

From 18th century until the early part of the 20th century, Tallyman sold clothes in return for small weekly payments. They were called “Tallymen” because they kept a record or tally of what people had bought on a wooden stick. One side of the stick was marked with notches to represent the amount of debt and the other side was a record of payments

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has four collections named for homes she has either lived in or owns: Turkey Hill, Lily Pond, Opal Point, and Skylands.

Martha Stewart's attempted to claim the name of the town,Katonah,so that it can be used to sell paints, lighting, and home accessories was challenged by the residents of Katonah [via: Business week]

Saddam calling cards

Telefónica released those pre-paid calling cards in 2005 in Brazil showing the image of Saddam Hussein with US soldiers running after him.

June 25, 2007

window shopping

Ralph Lauren has unveiled a new form of window which you can browse Ralph Lauren’s merchandise and order directly from the window

Boris Becker, demonstrating the "window shopping" screen

June 13, 2007

Alfred peet

Alfred Peet’s story father was a coffee roaster in the Dutch village of Alkmaar.In 1938, when Alfred was 18 years-old, he began helping his father roast and blend coffee beans. During WWII, Alfred was forced into a German labor camp. By 1948, Alfred left his domineering father and spent time in Java and Sumatra. While in the Indonesian Islands, he gained an appreciation for exotic, full-bodied Arabica coffee beans. In 1955, Alfred found himself working for a coffee importer in San Francisco. Eventually, he became unsatisfied with the poor quality of coffee the importer was roasting and selling.

Finding himself unemployed in 1965, Alfred Peet decided to open up his own coffee shop roasting and selling high-quality coffee.Peet’s Coffee & Tea opened for business on April of 1966 in Berkley, CA. (It was a few years later when three coffee-loving friends opened up a coffee shop in Seattle, WA selling Peet’s coffee. That coffee shop was then known as Starbucks Coffee Tea & Spice

source from Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast and Brand autopsy

June 12, 2007

Self Esteem Campaign

Which brand used YouTube to ask their consumers to help create the Self-Esteem Campaign.

A one minute video under the campaign which ends with the tag line: "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." bought over 3 million views

Click here for answer and how brands use NewMedia

June 11, 2007

Seven fat years, seven len years

Which industry was said to experience a "seven fat years, seven lean years" model -- seven years of boom, followed by seven years of bust.

Following that pattern, the late 60's/early 70's were great (the "-tronics" boom -- this is when Intel was funded by Arthur Rock), the mid-70's were terrible, 1978-1985 was great (the PC!), '86-92 was terrible, '93-99 was fantastic, and '00-06 was not so good.

Click here for Answer


in 1529 the sons of King Francisco I of France were taken hostage in Spain, he paid 12 million escudos for their ransom, and had to wait 4 months while the kidnappers counted the money and verified the authenticity of the coins. They rejected 40,000 coins because they did not meet the specified requirements.

Ancient Egyptians where the first to wore paints as a method of protecting their skin from the sun. The skin painting later became a way of separating social classes

The advertising philosophy of United Colors of Benetton is based on Luciano Benetton's belief that 'communication should not be commissioned from outside the company, but conceived from within its heart.'

June 01, 2007

Tic tac

When Christopher Colombus sailed to West Indies in 1492, he carried a crate of Tic Tac mints. These were used to barter with the native people he encountered. The Indians used to treasure the tiny mints, adopting them as a unit of measure and primitive currency. Unfortunately with only a single crate available the mint based currency system goes bankrupt and the Indians went back to Coca beans as currency

May 23, 2007


1. Which Group's history tracks back to a family of shipbuilders in Surat in the mid 1700's?

2. Which American University dedicated a auditorium after Dhirubhai Ambani

3. Which company received a patent for a mobile handset that releases scents by heating a gel packet?

4. "Made in occupied japan" was engraved in the products manufactured by which company from march 1948 to August 1949

5. Identify the woman. (Clue - She was the infamous girlfriend of fired world bank chief)

6. Which company is known as 'Blue oval from Detroit"

7.Identify the guy in the pic.Clue - "Everybody rapes the system but this man wants to make it his mistress". His supposed statement on Dhirubhai Ambani

8. Name the only chairman of Tata group, who wasn't a Tata?

9. Which automobile company was named after the rocket that took American astronauts to the moon.The name was derived from the space project that propelled USA ahead of USSR in the race of the moon

10. Which company tried to legally protect the sound its product makes as a key element of its brand identity system

who wants to be a millionaire

"The surest way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire and invest in the airline industry" - Richard Branson

May 18, 2007


When PeopleSoft lost its bitter battle against Oracle's hostile takeover, founder and former CEO of people Soft David Duffield offered $10,000 of his own money to each pink slipped employee unlike other chiefs who grabbed the golden parachutes or hike pays to there girl friends(Mr.Wolfowitz listening??)

May 17, 2007

When You Care Enough

"If a man goes into business with only the idea of making a lot of money, chances are he won't. But if he puts service and quality first, the money will take care of itself. Producing a first-class product that meets a real need is a much stronger motivation for success than getting rich."
- Joyce C Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc In his autobiography, When You Care Enough

Love his thought process

worlds youngest ceo

Limca Book of Records listed him as "World's Youngest Chief Executive"

He Became entrepreneur when he was 14.In 2005 he rejected a $100 million offer for a majority stake in his company

click here for answer n his story

May 08, 2007

Organic Tequila

Named Tequila of the Year 2006 by Wine and Spirits Magazine 4 Copas Tequila is worlds first and only certified organic tequila distillers

May 06, 2007

coffee trivia

Coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia during the Ninth Century A.D.

The first coffee plantation in Brazil developed in 1727, thanks to Francisco de Melo Palheto, who smuggled the beans from French Guiana

Approximately 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year

approximately 25 million small producers are dependant on coffee for their livelihood

May 04, 2007


"McRefugees"are a growing class of people who sleep overnight in Internet cafes, saunas and McDonald's restaurants for few hundred to a thousand yen. More on it here

BTW McDonalds plans to launch a campaign in the U.K. this spring to get dictionary houses to change current references to the word "McJob."Oxford Dictionary defines McJob asa "an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector."

May 03, 2007

coke virtual Thirst

Coca Cola launched a Virtual thirst competition to second life users, a pic from that

April 30, 2007

ebay trivia

Canada was up for sale on for 5 days but the highest bid was by The Sun Newspaper - $2,000. There were 14 bids. The country of Canada…Item #2913179800 was for sale under the category of Everything Else: Weird Stuff: Totally Bizarre.

EBay has a policy of not allowing souls to be sold,but Burtle's offer wasundetected until after bidding closed. Burtle is suspended from the site

The first item sold was a broken laser pointer that sold for $14 1997 – AuctionWeb was incorporated

The most expensive object offered in an online auction was a oil refinery that was offered by eBay in February 2000. There was no bid.

Aug. 26, 1999: A human kidney is offered on eBay. Before the auction is taken down, bids reach $5.7 million

Source Article cube

Ransom E Olds

In 1899 Ransom. E.Olds opened the Olds Motor Works in Detroit. Olds Had been in the automobile business since the mid 1880's ,but with little success.After nearly closing down his company he convinced a financier named Samuel Smith to investing the company. Samuel Smith invested his entire fortune but the two din agreed on what the Olds Motor Works should be making. Smith argued for a high end market cars and Ransom Olds was intrigued by the possibility of building a car that could be marketed to the middle class Ransom Olds could not commit to one idea and finally prepared 11 different prototypes.

But fate decided something else his factory burned down in a fire accident and all the prototypes went up in the flames except one prototype which happened to be right near the door and to be light enough that a lone person could push it to safety.
The protype that survived was the low cost model that Ransom E Olds imagined could be sold to a large middle class market. Olds rushed that protype into production which became a huge sucess. That vehicle is known as "Curved Dash Olds", since the floor curved up to form the dashboard. Olds Motor works sold 4,000 vehicles in 1903 more than anyother manuf in USA

Ransom E Olds left the company soon following a fight with Samuel Smith's Sons and started a new company REO

April 29, 2007

IceCreams trivia

Italo Marconi invented Icecream cone, because of some cranky buyers. He used to serve Icecreams in bowls but Buyers used to take glass bowls along with icecreams resulting in losses to Marconi

Haki Paki is the original name of ice creams. It originated in Italy as Ice cream vendors used to shout "Eno An Poko" which mean "please eat it"

April 25, 2007

April 20, 2007

useless trivia

The word 'denim' comes from 'de Nimes', Nimes being the town the fabric was originally produced.

The women of the Tiwi tribe in the South Pacific are married at birth

Many sailors used to wear gold earrings so that they could afford a proper burial when they died.

China banned the pigtail in 1911 as it was seen as a symbol of feudalism.

Before the Second World War, it was considered a sacrilege to even touch an Emperor of Japan.

The Anglo-Saxons believed Friday to be such an unlucky day that they ritually slaughtered any child unfortunate enough to be born on that day.

Coffee is the second largest item of international commerce in the world. The largest is petrol.

In Ancient Peru, when a woman found an 'ugly' potato, it was the custom for her to push it into the face of the nearest man.

The magic word "Abracadabra" was originally intended for the specific purpose of curing hay fever.

Queen Elizabeth I passed a law which forced everyone except for the rich to wear a flat cap on Sundays.

Sir Winston Churchill rationed himself to 15 cigars a day.

The childrens' nursery rhyme 'Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses' actually refers to the Black Death which killed about 30 million people in the fourteenth-century.

During the reign of Elizabeth I, there was a tax put on men's beards.

The active ingredient in Chinese Bird's nest soup is saliva.

It was the custom in Ancient Rome for the men to place their right hand on their testicles when taking an oath. The modern term 'testimony' is derived from this tradition.

The study of stupidity is called 'monology'.

Princess Ann was the only competitor at the 1976 Montreal Olympics that did not have to undergo a sex test.

Due to staggering inflation in the 1920's, 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 German marks were worth 1 US dollar.

April 13, 2007

bgyan 6

Juss read a pretty good book on innovation, “How innovators Connect” by Rohit Agarwal, CEO, . The book gives an insight on how innovators connect with idea, environment, teams, time, partners, money, customers, failure etc.. and experiences of 40 odd innovators.

Good one gives a new perspective about entrepreneurship.

The questions are taken from the chapters of the book.Answers to only those who put some effort in replying.Send in your answers to

1.After returning to Stanford Joe Karus started a “loft” business, where he used pieces of lumber to raise student’s beds off the floor to maximize floor space in cramped quarters. In the early days Kraus had a sort of motto on which he built his business “Unencumbered by reality”. He co-founded during dot com era, name the other successful start up Joe karus started which was acquired by Google in 2006

2.Identify this guy, who have been involved with Google from inception

3.Which company hosts “poster lunches”, where people write up ideas and at the end vote on their favorite one

4.“The Way to Market Leadership” is a book written by which company’s founder about there company’s success

5.Joe Kraus instituted a hiring philosophy that he called “No false Positives” at which company. It is a screening process that disqualified people who may have worked out, but would not be accepted by rest of the team

6.The primary strategy of Garage ventures is to find “Two guys or gals in a garage doing the next product or service that regular people will use”. Name the famous founder of this VC firm

7.Hack program, is an initiative by which company that encourages innovative input from all employees of the company. Once in a quarter everyone in the company is granted permission to stop business as usual and build something. At the end of 24 hours participants present their ideas in 90 seconds. After its resounding success the program is now open to outside customers. Hack Days are now conducted globally including one in India

8.Which company devised 1/1/1 model in which one percent of company’s equity was given to a philanthropic foundation, employees agreed to donate one percent of their paid time off to charities and the company will give one percent of their profits to ngo’s

9.Jan.B began his career as an administrative clerk at a Dutch meat packing company, after hours he learned about inventory control and stuff. He then started an accounting consultancy specializing in financial engineering. Jan spotted an opportunity for using software to automate the planning process for manufactures and founded which company in 1978

April 12, 2007

where have all leaders gone

In His new book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?,Lee Iacocca excoriates the Bush administration for its total failure to lead the country well, laying out the case that America has turned into a corrupt kleptocracy that is more concerned with lining the pockets of political donors than strengthening the nation and keeping it secure

We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car - Lee Iacocca


April 07, 2007

Victoria Portrait Series

The first set of British India notes were the 'Victoria Portrait' Series issued in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000. These were unifaced, carried two language panels and were printed on hand-moulded paper manufactured at the Laverstock Paper Mills (Portals). The security features incorporated the watermark (GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, RUPEES, two signatures and wavy lines), the printed signature and the registration of the notes.

April 06, 2007

3 A's to 3 P's

Jack Trout writes

"Coca-Cola used to focus its strategy on the three A’s: availability, acceptability, and affordability. While these provided for tremendous growth, they also led to lowered entry barriers. Today, Coca-Cola’s mantra is the three P’s: preference, pervasive penetration, and price-related value ( yeah u can add one more P-Pesticides)"

A recent Coca-Cola annual report reported that the second most recognized expression in the world after “ok?” is “Coca-Cola.”

April 05, 2007

charles schwab

Charles Schwab was very strong in math, science, and sports (especially golf), which helped him get into Stanford. But anything involving English "was a disconnect." He couldn't write quickly enough to capture his thoughts. He couldn't listen to a lecture and take legible notes. He couldn't memorize four words in a row. He doesn't think he ever read a novel all the way through in high school. He was within one unit of flunking out of Stanford his freshman year. "God, I must just be really dumb in this stuff," he used to tell himself.Schwab and his wife, Helen, created a foundation to help parents of children with learning disorders.

Ticker Symbols

The term ticker refers to the noise made by the ticker tape machines once widely used by stock exchanges.The practice of using a Ticker symbol began in 1844 as a way to send stock prices over the telegraph system easily and efficiently. To save room, stocks with the highest volume got one-letter names -- many companies continue that practice today.H, I and M, however, still remain available. Many say M is reserved for Microsoft, I for Intel

March 31, 2007

Howard Schultz on Starbucks

"A heady aroma of coffee reached out and drew me in. I stepped inside and saw what looked like a temple for the worship of coffee.... It was my Mecca. I had arrived." — Howard Schultz(founder of Starbucks) on his first visit to Starbucks in 1981

worlds first open source car

Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, introduced worlds first open source car dubbed as "c,mm,n"(pronounced as common) at AutoRAI, Amseterdam. The cars genetic make up are available online and people just need to select parts according to there needs

March 28, 2007

Sakichi Toyoda

Its in 1888 in rural Japan a young man watched his mother work weave cloth through out the day on a manual spinning loom, a tool thats used for centuries. it pained him to see her scrap a hard days work because of a single broken thread in the finished garment. The young man challenged himself to built a better loom by 1898 he built Japans steam powered loom resulting in quadruple productivity and half costs

The young man who did it is Sakichi Toyoda..founder of Toyota motors
Source The Elegant Solution by Matthew E may

one of my fav businessmen

X earned his pocket money in 5th standard thru his pet business

X split from his brothers after his dad passed away without taking any stake in the property or business

X started his business with Rs 15,000 is now worth Rs 500 crore

for a truly inspirational story and answer click here

March 27, 2007

Rural Beauty pagents

Which Indian FMCG is planning to host beauty pageants - XYZ Sundar, Susheel, Yogya Pratiyogita - across rural India. The competition for finding beautiful, good-natured and capable women from villages as part of its strategy to relaunch the firm’s flagship hair oil

Click here for answer

strange facts about Einstein

Albert Einstein applied for early admission into the Swiss Federal Polytechnical School. He passed the math and science sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest(history, languages, geography, etc.)! Einstein had to go to a trade school before
he retook the exam and was finally admitted to ETH a year later

More interesting facts about Einstein Here

Caught by schoolgirls for misleading advertisment

Which company was fined $156,000 for misleading advertising after two science students found its iconic drink Ribena contained no detectable vitamin C during there school project work

Answer cnn

Porsche 911 a.k.a 901

When the Porsche 911 was introduced in Frankfurt in 1963 the model was called 901.But later,they discovered that Peugeot owned the rights to all three-digit model numbers of any combination with a zero in the middle, and this was non-negotiable.Porsche had to rename the car as 911

March 23, 2007

Brand Equity Quiz Hyderabad

Last year India second runner up, Rahul and murthy of Vizag Steel plant won Hyderabad leg of Brand Equity quiz. Content lot better than previous year though Derik surprised everyone asking questions like ‘What originated because of Nawab Syed kazmi(guess I got it right) wanted refined Sheek Kabab..oops

The teams on stage provided enough humor through some wild guesses and asking few dumb questions to QM(What will happen if no one answered a buzzer question..!!!)..but they truly deserve to be on stage ok in and all a good show by all Teams and Derek. The Best part of the quiz a 60yr + old woman answering the first audience question.


1. Aurangazeb brought which food item to Hyderabad thru Nizam mulk - Biryani
2. When it started in 1802 what did Dupont manufactured - Gun powder
3. Mother designated one of the 4 Aurovilles zones as the industrial wat name did she give - Auroshipam
4. Only 2 princely states issued paper currency one J&K other - Hyderabad
5. In 1963 US Govt Org started using a digital icon called Mr. Zip, for promotional campaigns - US Postal Service
6. What according to Pliny's natural histroy is the most delicate of foods - butter
7. What according to Gandhiji is income earner for a poor widow and becomes a power symbol in the hands of Nehru - Charka
8. " Hole in the wall " what service is this by What part of the service does Barclays bank refer as “Hole in the wall” - ATM’s
9. These toys were invented by a liverpool clerk and patented as "Mechanics made easy" - Meccano
10. Which brand of sunglasses is made by Luxottica group - Rayban
11. Difficulty of shipping coke to Germany led to creation of which soft drink brand - Fanta
12. Which controversial lady would you associate with the fragrance "Sh……" - Jay guddy
13. Who inspired Googles founders to write a owner's manual before they went public - Waren Buffet
14. 1st Indian company to intro hydrogenated cooking medium in 1982 - Wipro
15. Markets target ED tablets to men with ….. - Erectile Dysfunction
16. Karsanbhai Patel pic
17. Showed a Short and asked fro a 5 letter word to describe that kind of garment- - Boxer shorts
18. Visual - Bata Museum in Toronto
19. Pic of Swaraj Paul
20. Print ad of GATI ad
21. Who according to Forbes 2006 list, which non-political woman tops the list - Indra noyi
22. Whose first book titled as"End of economic man" - Peter Drucker
23. "Tsingtao" is the no.1 beer in which country - China
24. Sale of which food item is the chief fund raiser for girl scouts - Cookies
25. Who was elected the member of congress working committee and served as its treasurer in 1933 - Jamanlal Bajaj
26. In England who r popularly known as the Brylcreem boys - Royal Airforce Pilots
27. In the 70's Meryll Lynch execs in Manhattan used this courier service instead of their inter office mail as it was considered slow - Fedex
28. Which company set up Indias first tyre research inst Hari Shukla Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research - JK tyres
29. In 1990 who was voted by sports illustrated as the most powerful man in sports - Mark Mccormack
30. In the year 1600 which org was granted a 21 year monopoly on all trade - British East India company

Question from Finals
31. What is new about Redwire DLX jeans…first - ipod compatible jeans
32. The earliest licensing deal of Mickey mouse for using the image is on a - Writing table
33. Only Indian inst to be mentioned in Dilbert - IIT
34. Worlds first refrigerated ship carried what - Meat
35. Only 2 comp in Europe to manuf this product one company is Wengar..tell the product or the other company.. - Swiss Army Knifes & Victornox (some of the answers given footballs, Cell phones)
36. Wat unusual future will u find on every page on Tom Peters book…. - An Exclamation Mark
37. Top 5 Markets of Jhonny WalkerUS, Greece, Australia, Spain and.. - Duty Free Shops
38. Print ad of loreal, Smirnoff
39. Pic of IKEA Founder
40. Aviva Logo
41. Pic of Winning book from Jack & Suzy Welch
42. Sears Tower Pic
43. P.Drucker statement “The Productivity of the Worker is not the responsibility of the Worker But responsibility of the Manager
44. Which brand enthusiasts tato more regularly - Harley Davidson
45. Why are buttons on right side for men and on left side to women
46. On Jan 5 Wat did Turkey drop to wipe out inflation - 6 Zeros
47. Economist call it protein energy malnutrition as wat - Undernourishment
48. Logos of Air India, Bajaj, Merill Lynch, Bacardi, Wipro, MSN
49. Video Clip of Tata sky ad
50. 7th Nizam have 1 of the biggest Diamond(105 carat) wat waas it used for – Paper Weight
51. 1st edition of which magazine was released on 1947 - Chandamama
52. In 2005 Haldiram exported 10,000 kg of - Pani puri
53. Common to Yuvraj, Arjun, Sarpanch - tractors
54. Deepti Salgorkat assisted whom in writing the book ‘The Man I Know’ - Kokilaben Ambani
55. Owner of Blues also owns Bandit - Roman Amromavich
56. Which Indian state has highest number of Airports - Gujrat

March 22, 2007

Coca Cola

Which Country’s farmers want the word 'Coca' dropped by the United States soft drink company, arguing that the potent shrub belongs to the cultural heritage of this Andean nation, where the coca leaf infuses everyday life and is sacred to many

Farmers demanded that Coca-Cola drop the "coca" from its name to "dignify"
the "bioenergetic" leaf that provides the main ingredient in cocaine.

For Answer Click here

March 20, 2007


He heads a global pharma company

He received $ 11.4 million compensation, just fired 10,000 employees last year in the name of cost cuttings but got 36% increase in his salary (A classic case study on Golden Parachutes)

For Answer Click Here

March 08, 2007

bgyan # 5

1. Joking about his designation X said “Well, I wanted to be called an Archduke or something, but then the folks at Google told me that the last Archduke was assassinated in the early twentieth century and that started the First World War. So therefore I dropped that demand and decided that --- would do just fine. Identify X and his designation at Google

2. The first group of 100 passengers in which plane are known as 'The Founders'

3. Identify the woman. Referred to(behind her back) as the 'Witch of Wall Street' She was known for two things: her ability to make money and her inability to spend it.

4. X Started a stock broking outfit after his retirement from Test Cricket. His main business now is stadium lighting systems and hiring out cameras and lights to Television software producers including news channels. Identify X

5. Which company introduced “Higher Standards” slogan after the aftermath of Enron and wave of Wall Street scandals.

6. Which term in US refers to ATM’s run by non banking entities?

7. Which company devised its proprietary Living Standards Measurement Index (LSM) as an alternative to Socio Economic Classification (SEC)?

8. The worlds first branded Emoticon :-{) was introduced by which company through this print campaign. The 360 degree campaign includes pages on social networking websites such as Beyonce, David Beckham and few youtube videos

9. Which famous company was founded by 2 rail road operators, a physician, a meat market operator and an attorney in 1902. The company could not afford to pay its presidents a salary during there first 11 years

10. Which famous brand of cigarettes name was inspired by the fabled California Gold Rush

Send in your answers to to only those who participate

coke mentos experiemnt

The most important commercial content of 2006 was created by a juggler named Fritz Grobe and lawyer Stephen Voltz, and distributed on a website called Revver. Named as "The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment it got about 40 lakhs+ views and $100 million of exposure for, free. Coca-Cola decided to incorporate the videos, and other user-generated footage, into its website.The 2 guys have earned more than $28,000 from ad spots in the first 2 months .More videos available at eepybird.

My fav video -

March 07, 2007


Amazing ad..of a Belgian magazine

Peanut Butter Manifesto

In his now-infamous "Peanut Butter Manifesto," leaked in November, senior vice-president Brad Garlinghouse criticized Yahoo!'s lack of focus, but poured out his passion for the portal. BTW Yahoo offered to buy Google for roughly $3 billion in 2002, now google is a cool $147 billion company more at wired

March 02, 2007

Robert Bigelow

Robert Bigelow in 1995, founded the now defunct National Institute for Discovery Science to investigate paranormal activity and alien abductions, principally because his grandparents claimed to have had a close encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). He also owns Bigelow Aerospace the only private company with a spacecraft currently in orbit, the Genesis I.

February 28, 2007

Rats gone wild at KFC

In what KFC/Taco Bell restaurant says an isolated event.see how Rats gone wild at a
KFC Restaurant

February 27, 2007


A man fooled Switzerland's weekly SonntagsZeitung into publishing a two-page advertisement he created
of himself posing semi-naked beside a bottle of Gucci perfume.The guy posed as PR rep of Gucci to get the ad published in the magazine. The magazine realized what had happened when they sent bill to Gucci. more

February 22, 2007

Tata Crucible campus quiz Hyderabad

A record 200+ teams participated (including some alleged fake students) at Tata Crucible Campus quiz,Hyderabad ...the team from ICFAI convincingly won the quiz makeing history by becoming first team to make into finals through wild card entry and winning it. Dept of Mgmt studies, Osmania University came second beating another ICFAI team in a tie breaker

Some of the questions from prelims and finals:

What initiative from ITC gets its name from Hindi word meaning place of gathering


Which company is entering DTH services with brand name Blue Sky Magic?


Pic of Hugg hefnner

Patty Stonesifer is the ceo of which foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

Which company has taken over TOMCO,Lakme,Kwality ice creams


What does KYC norm stand for

Know your Customers

Pic of eric schimdt

The official football of 2006 world cup is manufactured by which company


If u r nominated for D&Ad award for what categories are you competing for

Design & Advertising awards

Henry & Helal Hassenfiels formed which company in 1923 as a Textile Company


“Come for the Cricket, Discover the country” is the advertising campaign of which country

Jamica, West Indies

Malaysian airlines logo

HomeTowns a large format retail outlets is from which company

Future group

Mb Yunus started which bank

Bangladesh Grameen Bank

IOB bank logo

Which company specializing in medical optics did John Jacob and Henry found in 1853

Bausch & lomb

“Share moments,Share life” is the punchline of


Which Indian airline does Mr.Bruce Ashby Heads?


ERTS it’s the ticker symbol of which company

Electronic Arts

Which company’s logo features a stick?

Texas Instruments

Planet Fashion is owned by which company

Aditya Birla Group

What was originally started as ‘LTD” in Texas

Dell Computers

Who owns NBA team Portland Blazzers

Paul Allen

Abhishek BAchhan 31st birthday gift

Bentley car

Virginai House HQ of which company