June 23, 2010

FIFA World Cup Trivia

Ball controversies have a long history, In the first world cup finals between Argentina and Uruguay there was a heated argument about which ball was to be used – the Uruguayan ball or the Argentinian ball. Finally the teams agreed to use the Argentinian ball in the first half and the Uruguayan ball in the second half. And ironically Argentina led 2-1 at half time and Uruguay won the game 4-2!

Uruguay was selected to host first world cup following their gold medals at the 1924 and 1928 Olympics and because the competition coincided with the South American country's centenary celebrations.

In every Italian title, their squad had a player who wasn´t born in Italy.
31% of all Portugal's world cup finals goals have been scored against North Korea.
Australia scored the most goals in any World Cup qualifier after beating American Samoa 31-0 in 2001.

Diego Maradona wears two Hublot watches one on his left hand for local time and the one on right hand for Argentina time

Cholima is the nickname of North Korean national football team. Its name roughly means "thousand-mile horse"

Gandhiji started two football clubs, in South Africa, both named "The Passive Resisters" after the writings of Thoreau n Leo Tolstoy

India qualified by default to the 1950 football world cup without playing the qualifiers

England did not participate in the first three tournaments. Infact when FIFA decided to start a world cup the English said, No, thanks as they thought such a tournament was beneath their dignity.

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