April 26, 2008

Quinkie Fifth Anniversary Quiz

A small quiz on advertising to celebrate Quinkie's 5th anniversary. kudos to Murali and all regular contributors/participants for making the group lively

1. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read the offer document carefully before investing” must now be displayed and read out for at least __ seconds in television and radio ads

2. Images of Gmail-branded soap have been circulating around internet, while many dismissed it as a photoshop job by some chap, it was actually a campaign done by Gmail. What was specifically promoted in this campaign?

3. Which concept/technique was first introduced in 1985 by Dr. Edward Forrest in a study of VCR users and later elaborated upon in the article, "Segmenting VCR Owners" published in the Journal of Advertising Research

4. A major change Google made in early March to its AdWords algorithm resulted in a increase in ad rates and decrease in conversion rates. Disgruntled advertisers have dubbed the move as what

5. Which company has created one of the biggest billboards in Europe, measuring in at 65,000 sq. ft

6. Team Detroit, is a joint venture of six agencies (JWT, Y&R, Wunderman, Ogilvy, Mediaedge:cia and MindShare) to focus on which company business.

7. Identify the logo

8. Which agency was, founded by Scott Goodson and named after the rare and poisonous frog. “In a world of dinosaurs, it's good to be a frog” is one of the guiding principles

9. Connect — Haute Curry, Mario Zegnoti , Vetorio Fratini and, Push & Shove

10. The agency had organized,a weekly service called "Hollywood Personalities," which provided 125 leading newspapers with descriptions of the products worn by movie stars.The agency defined the products target audience as "some 70 million people 15 years and over whose opinion we hope to influence in support of our objectives.". Identify the agency and client

11. Identify the famous advertising legend. His most famous quote is "Advertising doesn't create a product advantage. It can only convey it."

12. Identify the famous personality. He is father of global journalism. Established world’s oldest news agency and the first worldwide information agency, in 1835

P.S- Answers only to participants.Please Don't leave answers as comments to the post,send it to praneeth82 at gmail dot com

April 14, 2008

Its Not MANU

The term MANU is only used by Manchester United Football Club rivals as a complete and utter insult to the club and about the Munich air disaster which claimed the lives of eight players, especially Duncan edwards. The chants goes like

"Man U Man U went on a plane Man U Man U never came back again.."

The chants originally originated in 1960's when there was huge competition between clubs to sign Duncan Edwards in the early 50s to sign for a Midlands club, as he came from Dudley. His signing for United caused a lot of people in the Midlands to regard him as a traitor and was hate figure for them.

West bron fans first started the chants like "Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave,Man you are manure-rotting in your grave"

Liverpool fans often tease United about the Munich incident again by chanting ‘MUNICH -Man U Never Intended Coming Home.’

So all United fans, refrain from calling yourself MANU. United forever!!

source: manutd.com

April 02, 2008

Twin Towers

Twin towers are symbol of Malysian pride determination and capabilities of Malysiyan's and showcase the culture and corporate aspirations of which company?

Answer in Comments

Trivia- - The twin towers were constructed by two different companies and they were made to compete against each other.If a constructor missed (weekly or monthly)deadlines they were finned $ 5 million. In final stages Malaysia stopped the competition and ordered contractors to finish both towers at same time..but one team(tower 2) took the competition so serious they finished it a week ahead of tower 1.

88 Floors of building constructed in 6 years deadline, overcoming all challenges(after starting the proj they found the soil is not suitable moved the whole struct to 60 mtrs, the work was stopped in between as a batch of concrete used in a floor failed quality test, when 72 floor is about to finish they realized tower 1 was 25 millimeters off from vertical).

our babus-netas-contractors on the other hand are still constructing a bloody flyover from 3 years missed all deadlines,collapsed the structure in between killing people...sick!!