March 31, 2009

Meet Subba Rao

I made a small ppt on one Subba Rao, a common man and middle class Indian who is feeling helpless.I'm sure many of you can relate to this guy and have same question Vote kisko dena hai?

Let me know your feedback and please help me in spreading the word. That awesome pic in the first slide is taken by my colleague Madhu. Check out his flickr stream

Check It Out

A year back I posted few "Thursday Trivia" posts, unfortunately work n life took a toll on quizzing and I discontinued it. Now I am reviving Thursday trivia but in a new form " Check It out", a collection of interesting news, business trivia, and blah, blah. I hope this series last quite long

Depilex salon chain is a popular saloon chain in Pakistan,it employees acid attack victims of Pakistan. I guess clients do deserve a pat for supporting such a saloon. Read more

March 28, 2007: 2.2 million Australians turned off lights. 2008: 50 million people turned off lights, as part of "Earth Hour". Check out some amazing pics from

Well earth Hour is a good initiative, but is it enough??

To be legally accepted as an 'idiot', one has to be so dumb as to be unable to count till 20, list the days of the week, or fail to remember the names of one's parents
- Supreme Court of India

KFC launched a pilot infrastructure program "re-fresh" in USA, the deal is KFC will offer road-repair grants to cities across the country if mayors allow KFC to brand freshly repaired potholes with temporary chalk declaring "refreshed by KFC.

That's a awesome idea to fill some 350 million potholes in USA

Who are the greediest people on earth, check out this slideshow

IBM filed an application to copyright a computerized system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks. IBM withdrew it later on, but do they really need a copyright of it??

In 1998, blogging was called journaling

Forbes released Most Corrupt nations list, and yes most of them have failed democracies.
More than 5% of global gross domestic product, or $2.6 trillion, was smuggled, used for bribes or stolen from taxpayers in the past year, according to World Bank

March 21, 2009


Vivek and Daniel of Dhanalaxmi Engineering college emphatically won Hyderabad round of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz. In first of its kind, Hyderabad round saw 5 engineering teams and only 1 b-school in finals.

Teams on stage cracked almost all questions and Giri mentioned about a lower cut off in prelims(I guess it will be somewhere between 11-13)and noted there are more undergrad teams

TC Prelims questions:

Krishna Palepu who was on the board of Satyam was also on the board of which company - DR.Reddy labs

Identify the logo - BEL(Bharat Electronics Ltd)

Which steel manuf launches "Project Cheetah " and "Project Falcon" for upgradation and expansion of its steel plants - JSW

Which retail company founded by Otto Bershem has the tagline "Spirit of Commerce" = METRO

Taj hotels economy hotels are now rebranded as - Gateway

Which software major has launched - Microsoft

Who in India now endorses Ford Endeavour - Sunil Shetty

identify the logo - Paradise Hotel, a famous Hyderabadi biryani joint

Which watch brand is advertised with slogan "it takes a licking and keeps ticking" - Timex

This brand of clothing describes generational differences between Babby boomers and their parents - GAP

Identify Goldman Sachs CEO

This telecom gaint has a new logo, the blue color represents depth of integrity, orange stands for passion with two arrows focusing on diversity - Bharti

Which alumni of Osmania Univeristy and co founder of Pictra India replaced Bruce Chizen at Adobe - Shantanu Narayana

Which IT businessman divided his company into "Network of Circles" - Ramalinga Raju

Identify whose brands are these from the world of footwear - kids, Eva lite, breezers, Soldiers - Lakhani

Which Indian has been nominated to the UN taskforce that will suggest reforms to the global financial system - Y.V.Reddy

identify the production house from the audio track(song from Dostana movie) - Dharma productions

TVC of lifebuoy soap

Wild Card Round 1:
This one was a very close affair. 4 teams answered one question each and finally MJCET( I guess) answered the third tie breaker question

This group started in chennai as Ajax india by A.M.M Chetyar - Murrugappa Group

Hospitality company started in 1927 in Washington is today a more famous as a hotel chain - JWT Marriot

This is a campaign for a billion....Jaago Re

Started in Feb, 1906 it was named Battle Creek, toasted corn is there first business - Kellogs

Time person of the year in 1982 - PC

This cop is famous for using a painting(Nipper, the Dog) - HMV

THis org originally thought of 11 then extended to 21 and finally to 31 ... - baskin Robbins

This org recently celebrated its centenary and created a new punch line "Together we can" - Canara Bank

Jisco Subsidary of - Tata steel

Wild Card 2nd Round -

2 companies are involved in makeing of CD's - philips and Sony

Full form of MICO - Motor Industries company

Financial advisor to Arnold Schwazneger in his California Senate elections - W.Buffet

Massaro ibuka founded - Sony

mercedes benz is subsidary of - Daimler


what word did Jayram Ramesh coined in the world of economics - Chindia

It first started as bikini festival and introduced the concept of swimwear in 1980's, it repositioned with a greater purpose - Miss World Contest

Founded in 1927 as Victory Company, its a subsidary of US comp and gave VHS format to the world - JVC

Tern coined by Hywell Murell in UK in 1949, this was term for study of interaction of technology they use and environment they work in - Ergonomics

Picture of Srini Raju

Dream spark is a program by Microsoft in which MSFT provide free software to students

Renalut and Dalda logos

Steve Wozniack Pic

Tata comp which signed a deal with Fox - Tata Sky

You will associate this Tata partner with Man Utd - AIG

This global consulting company was founded by Bruce Henderson- BCG

This company was founded by two brothers Edward and Andre , it began publishing Red guides and Blue Guides - Michelin

She featured at the 25th spot in Forbes most powerful women , She did her MBA from Jamanlal Bajaj - Chandra kochar

P.S: Check out interview with Giri Balasubramanyam

March 17, 2009

Campaign song of Jaago Re - shut up and vote

"Shut up and Vote" is the campaign song of Jaago Re! One Billion Votes, an initiative by Janaagraha and Tata Tea. This song is written and composed by Bangalore based band "Thermal and a Quarter".

Kudos to Tata's for supporting a awesome camping.

March 13, 2009

2009 Brand Equity Quiz Schedule

There seems to be a change in the BEQ schedule from what I heard initially . Check out the latest schedule from BEQ official site

Good luck guys !

For 2008 Questions click here, For 2007 BEQ questions click here

For BEQ Audience passes click here

March 12, 2009

Forbes World's Billionaires trivia

The average net worth of those on the list fell 23% to $3 billion.

Bill Gates lost $18 billion, Warren Buffett, lost$25 billion and our very own Anil Ambani lost 32 billion -- 76% of his fortune.Anil is Last year's biggest billionaire gainer

New home to 55 billionaires

Zhou Chengjian one of the newly added billionaire is a former tailor Zhou made his fortune selling fashion to the masses. in his chain Metersbonwe

John Paul DeJoria is once-homeless Navy veteran used to sleep in his car and sold products door-to-door in Los Angeles.

Iceland nationalizes its second-biggest lender, Landsbanki, wiping out billionaire chairman Bjorgolff Gudmunddson.This guy sold EPL team, West ham united in a desperate sale

Laxmi Mittal's super-home is embellished with marble taken from the same quarry that supplied the Taj Mahal

Michael Dell's home is known locally as "the castle" thanks to its high walls and tight security.

March 09, 2009

Loksatta the only real alternative in India

I meet Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan(JP), as part of the youth interaction program conducted by Loksatta. I strongly believe JP/Lok satta can bring/initiate change in India and redefine how politics are conducted

Some thoughts shared by JP at this meeting:(P.S: based on my memory)

Its easy to sell color Tv schemes and idiotic policies in India and win elections on emotional issues, but it is extremely tough to sell the right thing, especially in a society where there is no belief in politicians and less hope on credible alternative

The window for opportunity to prosperity is getting thinner for India, world won't wait for us. China created 140 million jobs in last decade and we created hardly 2 crore jobs and added with failed nations as neighbors. we are running out of time and need to act immediately. But unfortunately our politicians are caught in the race for power.

Poorest Indian now know what can happen, so we now have to meet aspirations of a aspiring generation. If we can't meet aspirations India can't survive and India should n't survive, So fight as if our life is at stakes

Statesmenly politics should touch all sections, work with all forces and not exclude few sections

India will change but by design or destiny is the questions. Giving money/liquor in elections, dynasty politics will bring change only in leaders not country

Politicians who spend crores, distribute money and make politics as business are more dangerous than terrorists

Nothing happens with JP alone, people should come forward and work for better politics to give a prosperous country to our kids and future generations.

JP talked about the challenges Loksatta is facing in current political landscape:
Money: Loksatta wont accept black money, LS funds are all voluntary and raised through fund raising
Human Resources: Getting people on board, very few volunteers across the state
Time: Even if we raised money and built volunteers., we have limited time in our hand
Perceptions: Changing perceptions of people. people agree loksatta is a very good party but thinks its waste to vote for loksatta as we are not in a position to win. We need to create belief in people that lok satta is the right alternative and vote for it with confidence

I registered in voters list, just to vote for Loksatta.Would request you guys to see Lok Satta agenda and cast your vote/spread the word,if you are convinced about them.

As always let me end with a bit of trivia , I understand there are 12 Young MP's in parliament. what is common between them??

March 05, 2009

TDP's Lame Colour TV scheme

So the great election tamasha had began in India. I dont have any hope on Main stream parties(Congress, BJP, Third to Fifth fronts), but they are few things which make me really upset on our political leadership, like the free Color TV scheme by TDP. TDP's freebies will cost 20,000 Cr RS yearly to exchequer i.e. is 20% of state budget

Its illegitimate, irresponsible, unconstitutional and is a kind of bribe to voters. TDP has a comical logic to support this scheme:
Poor people after working from morning to evening need a form of relaxation, so free TV's.
TV's help people who cant read newspapers get information. we can spread knowledge with TV's
In the villages, there is only one entertainment, TV so we are giving it poor and lower income groups

I am sure congress manifesto will be on similar lines, they may offer free color TV+ DVD player + unlimited Cd's from bigflicks.

March 04, 2009

History and trivia of voting machines

The word ballot has been described as being derived from the diminuitive form of the word ball in Italian, ballota, and in fact, many early ballots were small balls.

In ancient Athens, votes were taken by issuing clay or metal tokens to each voter, and the voter would vote by depositing the appropriate token in the appropriate ballot box, or perhaps in a clay pot that served as a ballot box.

Paper ballot system was first adopted in the Australian state of Victoria in 1856, The paper ballot system thereafter became known as the "Australian ballot."

Some really nice history on how voting systems developed over time. The other big doubt in my mind is why cant Oscar guys count votes electronically or something like that than manually counting votes with Pwc leading the balloting process. Any idea??