May 23, 2007


1. Which Group's history tracks back to a family of shipbuilders in Surat in the mid 1700's?

2. Which American University dedicated a auditorium after Dhirubhai Ambani

3. Which company received a patent for a mobile handset that releases scents by heating a gel packet?

4. "Made in occupied japan" was engraved in the products manufactured by which company from march 1948 to August 1949

5. Identify the woman. (Clue - She was the infamous girlfriend of fired world bank chief)

6. Which company is known as 'Blue oval from Detroit"

7.Identify the guy in the pic.Clue - "Everybody rapes the system but this man wants to make it his mistress". His supposed statement on Dhirubhai Ambani

8. Name the only chairman of Tata group, who wasn't a Tata?

9. Which automobile company was named after the rocket that took American astronauts to the moon.The name was derived from the space project that propelled USA ahead of USSR in the race of the moon

10. Which company tried to legally protect the sound its product makes as a key element of its brand identity system

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