September 11, 2008

Why Ideas remain as ideas

Why do we fail to take idea's forward and execute it??

We are totally not convinced that the idea will work
we dont have passion to execute an idea and thus don't take the risk
we don't have necessary skill set to execute it
we assume things will work in a certain way, but reality will be something else
we are not sure whom to trust and wont share ideas with others
we don't want to move out of comfort zone
Probably your ideas are ahead of time
You shared it with wrong people
You lack the environment, which encourages ideas

may be ..hmmm may be..End of the day what matters is whether you executed it or not

P.s - This post was inspired by my failure to execute a awesome idea. something very new, something very different,not sure whether its revolutionary but a original idea.


s4ur4bh said...

How about sharing that idea? May be someone else will work on it and you can at least see it work ... ?

praneeth said...

Yup, that's what i wanna do now, share it with some like minded guys

s4ur4bh said...

May be you can share it with world. There are tons of people who might execute it ...?

s4ur4bh said...

Praneeth .. please share. Will look forward to ideas.

praneeth said...

hey, can u add me in gtalk(praneeth82 at gmail), will chat abt it there

chakravarthy said...

Hey Praneeth..please take this failure as delay but not as defeat..You will succeed.