December 04, 2008

Get your voter card from a nearest dustbin

Registering in election rolls is one big challenge in India, its so complex that many ordinary citizens loose what ever little interest they have to take part in democratic process.

EC recently launched a huge voter registration drive in Hyderabad. In fact for the first time in India, they kept voter registration drop boxes in malls,post offices and other public places. All there efforts paved and some 50k citizens registered as voters in a month. Unfortunately few officials are showing there laziness and gave voter id cards to local leaders to distribute them. As true Indian politician, the local politician dumped approx 7000 voter ids of sections who may not vote for his party in dustbin!!

Ok a bit of election trivia - America's founding father George Washington spent 40 pounds on booze for his neighbors to win an election in 1785 and in the 2004 US presidential election, three million votes were never counted.

Source: Eenadu

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