February 06, 2009

Econmic Times Classroom Quiz

ET Classroom Quiz Hyderabad Prelims Questions:

Which company has acquired 76% stake in Iceberg, a katiyal family owned Bihar based brewery

She has been around from 1967, ans at 40+ she in envied by best of bollywood hotties...what am I describing here

whose ad campaign is this " Booker, Oscar, Nobel, Bournvillie, Hope you get the drift"

Whose autobiography is called as "Just for fun" and coauthored bu David Diamond

It is described as "Active thing for a hyperactive generation, it improves short term memory, alertness and elevates mood any time" what is being promoted

Which product comprises of a wing, tip, vamp, quarter, plate, counter facing and a tongue

Which Indian brand ambassador would link Manipal Education and Ing Vysya Bank

Sameer patil and Shripal, promoters of ACK Media and bought licenses of characters to launch mobile games

Aquapod, Arrowhead, ice mountain and purelife are all brand names of Nestle in which product line

Identify - Gautam Singhania

Which company is better known as "The official timekeeper of the olympics"

Yankee doodle industries ltd and Merry Weather food products are a subsidary of which company

Which brand derives its name from the Japaneese god of mercy

identify - Shiv khera

Until 1925 Ford sold only in one colour, which color

Max New York Life TVC


Anonymous said...

thanks praneeth.. ahve lined this post on my blog..
Who won??

praneeth said...

I left after prelims. Juss saw in ET Raja Satish and some one from Icfai won the quiz.

Ramesh said...

Need to conduct a quiz amongst some friends and families. Could you help me some visuals and connects and may be the answers of the ET quiz.

praneeth said...

@ Ramesh send me a email, will try my best to help u out