August 29, 2009

Tata Crucible Quiz

Tata Cruible Hyderabad witnessed a seesaw battle between Google and Mahindra Satyam, both the teams scored 35 points each after three rounds. Google hold its nerves at this stage and satyam's mistakes on buzzer helped them book a place in national finals for second year in row

DE Shaw, SBi Life, Microsoft and Idea are the other teams to enter finals


Whirlpool Logo

Which term is derived from latin word "secreme" meaning to distinguish and to set apart - secretary

This magazine always featured only its founder on its cover, before Michelle Obama appeared along with her on its cover - O, Ophara winfrey's magazine

Identify - Deepak Chopra

Which computer industry billionaire owns valley crest, Americas largest landscaping firm - Michael Dell

Sr. Journalist Flynn Remedios is the official spokesperson of which controversial personality - Rakhi Sawant

Who siad this - " Keeping liqidity and not investing in low market is like saving up for sex in old age" W. Buffet

Which MNC is nicknamed "The Big Australian " - BHP Bilton

Identify - Geeta Piramal

Which mgmt guru said 'Todays problems comes form yesterdays solutions " - Peter singe

WHich maverick tycon was briefly given the post "litter tear" by the M.Thatcher govt, charged with keeping Britan tidy - Richard Branson

Founded by W.S.Borne in 1791, this is worlds oldest sunday newspaper - The Observer

Which NGO was founded by an airlines purser and his 6 friends around the founders 6 mothers dining tabel in 1979 - CRY

Identify this logo - Prax Air

Which multiplex chain has inhouse food and beverage counter called Refuel - Inox

Who had a fragrance line called contoversial and beauty salon called 'homme fatal' - J.Goody

Which buss group entered fiberglass boat manuf industry with 'odyssea' - Mahindra & Mahindra

WHich comp launched a city specific program called 'mana Hyderabad' to reach out regional markets - Canon

Which comp sponsors the reality game 'khelo jeet lo jiyo' - godrej

First indian company to sponsor a car in the Nascar national wide series - M&M

Forbes india was launched in association with which bussiness entity - TV 18

Which iconic brand did Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery of china buy - Hummer

TVC's of HDFC, Heinz


They began Indian operations in 1928, closed down in 1959 returned in 1994 with a JV with CK Birla group - GM

Connect mobira, salora, televa, luxor - Nokia

This was first introduced in USA during 1930 depression by Albert an unemployed architect - Scrabble

Pic of Dale carrnige and their training model

Pic of Mortin Salt global identity

Identify this educationalist and economist - Dr. Jhon Mattiaha

Identify this great moment of time - Omega

It is positioned as India's first national youth focussed mobile - Virgin

This comp was incorporated in 1955 as the commercial printing divsion - Tata Infomedia

Pure, is positioned as India's first international restaurant with a focus in organic ingredients - Taj Hotels

To sum up its a typically pickbrain quiz with a mix of questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Praneet,

Thanks for posting the Questn.. Just curious to know...

What were the answers to the last three questions .. The round wherein the three clues have 15/10/5 pointers


praneeth said...


one was on Walchand Hirachand (His birthday celebrated as..)

and the other on Kalanidhi Maran (Ranked so n son in forbes list, first started his career ..)

Not sure what was the third one

Anonymous said...

The third q was: This person, ranked as the most prominent Indian abroad, Had a BSCc from Wilson College and Masters in Marketing Management from Mumbai. Was for 9 years with Indian express, started Asian Star and Punjabi Star in Vancouver? (+some other clue) – Samir Doshi.

Mack said...

Loved Reading Your Blog
Thanks for Sharing the Information

Thanks & Regards