March 09, 2011

One heck of simple idea

3 clues u got to tell the company/brand name..Answer in comments:

1.       The company name mean "bonfire" in Finnish and was started in early 2004 after the founders won a a competition to create a mobile multiplayer game on one of the very first smart phones of Noika. At the beginning of 2009, the company was close to bankruptcy.
2.       bird whisperer", "marketing wingman", "twitcher"and "Mighty Eagle" are some of the titles of the employees in the office.
3.       Every day, users spend 200 million minutes -- 16 years every hour -- playing the mobile game. The game is number-one paid app on iTunes in 68 countries, as well as the best-selling paid app of all time

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praneeth said...

Angry Birds