June 10, 2011

The Roots of Baba Ramdev

 Born as Ram Krishna Yadav in the Haryana village of Narnaul, Mahindergarh district, he studied only until class VIII. Later, he joined a gurukul and began taking lessons in yoga and the Vedas. In the early 1990s he used to sell amla (Indian gooseberry) on his bicycle and extoll its medicinal value (it is a big source of vitamin C) until he met a trader whose wife was on her deathbed.

Ram Krishna Yadav revived her and in gratitude the trader set Ramdev up in business. His first enterprise was located at Kankhal, near Haridwar – the Divya Yog Pharmacy

Ramdev recently joined hands with the world’s leading packaging solutions company Tetra Pak to develop an array of ready-to-drink health beverages in aseptic packages of different sizes and shapes. In the US, the yoga guru had also acquired an ayurvedic medicine company in the name of Herbo Ved, for an undisclosed sum, to sell new products abroad.

Source :Business Standard


Anita Sharma said...

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Sudheer Dayanand said...

Well said Anita.
It’s very sad how business standard portrayed Baba Ramdev’s story losing their standard. They should better know about baba before picturing him as a business man. Do they know the service he does for the society? He is not a business may like Vijay Malya, everyone can see it from baba’s life style. He never uses a golden chariot like other so called religious gurus who mints money in the name of donations and never raises their voice against corruption.
He is a simple honest great saint who has motivated entire India.