March 08, 2007

bgyan # 5

1. Joking about his designation X said “Well, I wanted to be called an Archduke or something, but then the folks at Google told me that the last Archduke was assassinated in the early twentieth century and that started the First World War. So therefore I dropped that demand and decided that --- would do just fine. Identify X and his designation at Google

2. The first group of 100 passengers in which plane are known as 'The Founders'

3. Identify the woman. Referred to(behind her back) as the 'Witch of Wall Street' She was known for two things: her ability to make money and her inability to spend it.

4. X Started a stock broking outfit after his retirement from Test Cricket. His main business now is stadium lighting systems and hiring out cameras and lights to Television software producers including news channels. Identify X

5. Which company introduced “Higher Standards” slogan after the aftermath of Enron and wave of Wall Street scandals.

6. Which term in US refers to ATM’s run by non banking entities?

7. Which company devised its proprietary Living Standards Measurement Index (LSM) as an alternative to Socio Economic Classification (SEC)?

8. The worlds first branded Emoticon :-{) was introduced by which company through this print campaign. The 360 degree campaign includes pages on social networking websites such as Beyonce, David Beckham and few youtube videos

9. Which famous company was founded by 2 rail road operators, a physician, a meat market operator and an attorney in 1902. The company could not afford to pay its presidents a salary during there first 11 years

10. Which famous brand of cigarettes name was inspired by the fabled California Gold Rush

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