April 30, 2007

ebay trivia

Canada was up for sale on eBay.ca for 5 days but the highest bid was by The Sun Newspaper - $2,000. There were 14 bids. The country of Canada…Item #2913179800 was for sale under the category of Everything Else: Weird Stuff: Totally Bizarre.

EBay has a policy of not allowing souls to be sold,but Burtle's offer wasundetected until after bidding closed. Burtle is suspended from the site

The first item sold was a broken laser pointer that sold for $14 1997 – AuctionWeb was incorporated

The most expensive object offered in an online auction was a oil refinery that was offered by eBay in February 2000. There was no bid.

Aug. 26, 1999: A human kidney is offered on eBay. Before the auction is taken down, bids reach $5.7 million

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