June 13, 2007

Alfred peet

Alfred Peet’s story father was a coffee roaster in the Dutch village of Alkmaar.In 1938, when Alfred was 18 years-old, he began helping his father roast and blend coffee beans. During WWII, Alfred was forced into a German labor camp. By 1948, Alfred left his domineering father and spent time in Java and Sumatra. While in the Indonesian Islands, he gained an appreciation for exotic, full-bodied Arabica coffee beans. In 1955, Alfred found himself working for a coffee importer in San Francisco. Eventually, he became unsatisfied with the poor quality of coffee the importer was roasting and selling.

Finding himself unemployed in 1965, Alfred Peet decided to open up his own coffee shop roasting and selling high-quality coffee.Peet’s Coffee & Tea opened for business on April of 1966 in Berkley, CA. (It was a few years later when three coffee-loving friends opened up a coffee shop in Seattle, WA selling Peet’s coffee. That coffee shop was then known as Starbucks Coffee Tea & Spice

source from Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast and Brand autopsy

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