September 12, 2007

Thursday trivia - 3

Sorry, could not post on drop outs who made big in business world, will try to post very soon.

• Forrester reports about 30 percent of social networking site users befriended made a brand profile to become eligible for exclusive offers, events or sales or because another friend recommended it (the cool factor). Forrester has dubbed this type of marketing "friendonomics,"

• During World War II, Japan occupied many countries in Asia, the Japanese Government printed their own currency in those countries called "Japanese Invasion Money" or JIM

• During World War II, Nazi Germany used prisoners in the Sachenhausen concentration camp to produce very high quality forgeries of the Bank of England’s £5, £10, £20, and £50 notes. These were considered the most perfect counterfeits ever produced during the war

The idea was to drop the forged banknotes over England from airplanes and thus wreck the British economy - however, the Germans used these notes to pay their spies abroad instead. In fact, after the war, a German spy Elyesa Bazna, unsuccessfully tried to sue the German government for outstanding pay!

• More than 25% of the entire population of the world has collected stamps at one time in their life.

• co-branding initiatives rolled out last year - Puma has worked with Mini to produce a special-edition car; Acer has worked with Ferrari to create a laptop computer; Volkswagen has partnered with Apple to create an iPod-compatible Beetle

. The Learning Annex has offered Paris Hilton a cool million bucks to teach a one-hour "How to Build Your Brand" seminar

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