September 26, 2007

Thursday Trivia -5 Steve Jobs special

•Steve Jobs was born on the 24th of February 1955 in San Francisco, California and one week later put up for adoption by his unmarried mother who was attending graduate school

• Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went into business together producing “Blue Boxes” which used a whistle from Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal boxes to reproduce the 2600Hz tone used by the AT&T long distance telephone system, which allowed free long distance phone calls to be made.

• One of the reasons why Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak named there company as Apple – Apple would come before Atari in the phone book

•To raise capital for Apple computers Steve Wozniak sold his HP 65 electronic calculator for $500 and Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus for $1000, but the buyer paid only half because the van blew its engine within weeks of the sale

•Steve Jobs and Mike Scott fought over the awarding of employee numbers, Steve jobs was upset that he was designated employee number two, to Steve Wozniak's number one. Steve Jobs finally fought and got “Number Zero”

•Steve Jobs named Apple’s personal computer as Lisa. Apple stated that the name was an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture. Lisa is the name of Steve jobs first daughter. He refused to accept Lisa as his own daughter, he went to a paternity test, the report came back showing a 94.97% chance that he was the father of Lisa Nicole

•Steve Jobs & Wozniak, without any college degrees, money or experience went on to build a Fortune 500 companies in less than five years

•“If you wanted to get Steve jobs to agree to a new idea, something that was a good idea but that Jobs hadn’t thought of, you told him the idea, and then just let him reject it. A couple of weeks later he would come rushing over to you and tell you how he had just had a great idea and would proceed to tell you the same idea. As far as Steve was concerned, it was now his idea ”Reality Distortion field" is the phrase coined by Apple employees to describe this tactic

•Steve jobs sold most of his stock in the aftermath of his departure in 1986, he retained only a single share in Apple just to receive the company’s annual reports

•Many employees at Apple developed a fear of encountering Jobs while riding in the elevator. When ever Steve jobs meet a employee in elevator he used to ask a question What do you do for me(Apple)?" and they say something like "I work in the so-and-so dept" then Steve will get all hot headed if he hates that dept or some project the person worked on then fire them on the spot. The act came to be known as "Getting Steved."

•A Regular Guy Written by Steve's biological sister Mona Simpson is directly inspired by Steve's life... but it's officialy a fiction and should not be considered a biography.Some other books written on Steve Jobs:
The Little Kingdom, The Journey Is the Reward, Steve Jobs & The NeXT Big Thing, The Second Coming Of Steve Jobs, iCon, Accidental Millionaire (claims Steve's success was a fluke), Apple Pixar mania

source- wikipedia,icon

Still working on Dropouts who made big in Business world.. will try to post it next week

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