March 28, 2008

Brand Equity Quiz

Went to Brand Equity Quiz Hyderabad round yesterday. The quiz is quite better than previous versions. The theme is refreshing than earlier James Bond, Russian army general themes. Thankfully content is not too wired, especially after hearing questions like this from Lions mouth 'Aamdani atthani, kharcha ____'?

Agro Tech, Broadwise Financial, Convergys(scored 27 out of 30 in prelims), Google,Mindset, and Satyam qualified to finals. Mindset won the quiz with a consistent performance.

some Questions from BEQ hyderabad-

Where do u find tara and sitara hotel in hyd – Ramoji Filim City

In 1931 which comp started a lighting design & consultancy center – Philips

Microsoft answers to ipod – zune

Univ of Cambridge launched professorship on Indian enterprises and named after – Nehru

which state is largest producer of tractors in India – haryana

TV advt focuses on 2 catch phrases ‘note and recall’, what do direct marketing focuses on – response

For pakeeza meena kumari was piad – one gold ashrafi

In which Indian state do u find oldest continuing oil refinery – Assam

Padini is a fashion brand from – Malaysiya

According to Oxford English Dictionary, which word comes from an Old English word meaning "anxious" – Business

What will you do with a ‘thong’(Question of the Day)

In 1876, which inventor was given US patent 174,465 – Graham bell

Akshay kumar in Hindi, Mahesh Babu in Telugu which soft drink advt am I talking abt – Thumps Up

Ppl of which 3 countries cant be considered POI – Bangladesh, Pak, SL

World’s largest producer of banana’s – India

Whose first studio is located at 31st street, Kansas city – walt Disney

Among icon players in IPL, who will get highest income – Sachin

Who is the most valuable football player brand in world – Ronaldhino

In which novel you will come across Pemberly Country estate – pride and Prejudice

Print ad of Microsoft

Pic of Estee lauder

Emirates logo

Swaraj Paul Pic

Durex print ad

Finals –

In 1872, for what where customers charged 2000 blah..blah..- Thomas Cook 1st round the world trip

DHI model and Gujrat model, what am I referring to – VRS schemes

Why is Formica, called formica sells what – lingerie

What significant change did Harry Potter Publishers made when they launched it in USA

In travel business what is VFR

Pic of shashi ruia

Print ad of Cherry Bloosom

Saab car logo

China Olympic torch designed by

Video of E.sreedharan (Delhi Metro), shown and asked to find the personality

Video ad of DHL

Sedlabanki islands is most popular for – central bank

Which hotel was chosen as worlds best in travel and leisure – Oberoi Udayvillas, udaipur

Art Paul created – play boy bunny

90% of what we call management consists of making things difficult to people - philip kotler's quote

Which invention is pioneered by LG in India – TV menu in hindi

Which domain name extends to 70 countries - .asia

7 letter word to describe age of wines –vintage

What is printed at security printing pres at Hyd usually in 8 sheet of paper – Meghdoot post cards

Astronaut’s of Apollo 11 were wearing Jockey underwear – joking or serious

Colorplus name funda – bcz of a batch of over colored shirts

Worlds largest consumer of polished diamonds – USA

If kingfisher is from India, Carlsberg is from – Denmark

Last years questions


Anonymous said...

Is there any way the videos of BEQ can be uploaded to You tube

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Whats the answer for Harry Potter question?

rohitmehra7388 said...

They Changed the Title of the First Book.
What was "Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone" in the UK became "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone" in the US.
Even the English had changes since American English is different from British English.