April 02, 2008

Twin Towers

Twin towers are symbol of Malysian pride determination and capabilities of Malysiyan's and showcase the culture and corporate aspirations of which company?

Answer in Comments

Trivia- - The twin towers were constructed by two different companies and they were made to compete against each other.If a constructor missed (weekly or monthly)deadlines they were finned $ 5 million. In final stages Malaysia stopped the competition and ordered contractors to finish both towers at same time..but one team(tower 2) took the competition so serious they finished it a week ahead of tower 1.

88 Floors of building constructed in 6 years deadline, overcoming all challenges(after starting the proj they found the soil is not suitable moved the whole struct to 60 mtrs, the work was stopped in between as a batch of concrete used in a floor failed quality test, when 72 floor is about to finish they realized tower 1 was 25 millimeters off from vertical).

our babus-netas-contractors on the other hand are still constructing a bloody flyover from 3 years missed all deadlines,collapsed the structure in between killing people...sick!!

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praneeth said...

Petronas..Malaysiyan State Oil company

The twin towers are built to house the HQ of petronas