June 07, 2008

New York Trip

Been to New York recently, some interesting pics -

Parking is a big problem in Financial Dist, they juss charge 8.5$ + tax for 30 mnts parking, no wonder why many people prefer useing public transport

Taken from Millennium Hilton Hotel 22 floor, which is bang opposite to WTC, Ground Zero, they are constructing a memorial,which was supposed to be finished by 2010, but lack of funds effected the project and it will be finished only by 2015. silly, the most powerful nation on earth don't have funds to construct a memorial.

Brooklyn bridge world's first steel wire suspension bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Brooklyn bridge I guess is one of the fav suicide spot in NY

Liberty Statute has been used by many advt. My fav one is this Levis ad

Ha even elevators are not sparred, seen this ad inside a elevator at Empire State building.

Funeral Corporations and funeral shops are quite popular in chinatown, dont know exactly what they do.

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