August 25, 2008


Congress in it early days used to charge 4 annas from new members, but when Gandhiji took over Congress he changed that rule and all new members instead of paying 4 annas to party were asked to buy Khadhi. Gandhi's belief was when new members buy khadhi it will generate employment to villagers and his view of Khadhi as a swadeshi fragment and a symbol of India's freedom struggle.

Now coming to the question The word 'Khadi' is derived from which Hindi word. Answer in comments


praneeth said...

khad (pit). Traditionally the weavers used to sit in the pit and weave and thats how the word Khadi came in

Piyush Aggarwal said...

not bad...really interesting story!

Anonymous said...

ya, the story is really good n interesting.
however i want to know that why khadi is so expensive??
it should be more convienent n cheaper.
ofcourse khadi has good stuff but it has no fashion

vandana bharti