August 10, 2008

Tata Crucible Corporate quiz - Hyderabad

70 odd teams took part in Hyderabad leg of Tata Crucible. I must say they braved out a huge downpour to reach the venue. Giri is known for innovating new formats/rounds(Pyramid quizzing..etc etc) but this year crucible don't have much surprises, its a plain simple business quiz.

A 25 question prelims, more of current affairs and a bit of history/trivia.

6 TCS teams battled out in Tata track(TCS Track can be more apt), and won by a young TCS team(last year Student track Kolkata finalists)

Google won the Non Tata track by cracking the last question on a buzzer. As many as 4 teams got a chance to clinch the title

Coming to rounds:
1st: Dry round - 6 question 10 on direct, 10 on pass
2n Tata round - 5 question on buzzer
3rd round -Connection round - I find this one bit wired
4th round - Code Buster - 6 on buzzer, will show 4 logos/pics, need to crack those 4 pics n code - pretty much simple, but its the question of speed
5th round - 3 question on buzzer, crack on first clue -15 points, 2nd 10 points, 3rd 5 points

For question check out Nishit's blog


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