November 04, 2008

5 things I observed during American Elections

5 things I observed during American Elections:

A guy born to a Muslim father of African origin and a Christian mom, An American, half Kenyan, half white, half black,raised in Indonesia and graduated from Harvard, who have Hussain in his middle name can became US president. People actually vote for the most competent guy in the race, especially during a crisis, color and race wont matter during tough days

USA saw unprecedented voter turnout,and they do have problems like names missing in voters list, malfunction of some optical scanning machines, and allegations of voter suppression and intimidation. Common Americans turned to polling booths some waiting nearly 3 hours to cast there votes. People recognize importance of vote especially during crisis, when there present leaders failed them and see a good alternative

Obama raised record funds, in innovative ways. He raised micro donations from large number of people than raising money from few. He tapped social media and social networks. For the first time internet played a crucial role in a political campaign. Both candidates spent 2.4Billion Dollars on elections, with each spending $ 1 million per day on TV ads!!

USA can conduct elections in a single day

voters are lured with freebies not directly but indirectly. Getting free chicken, ice cream and coffee as a reward for voting are some of the hottest Google search trends early in election day

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