October 27, 2008


Pepsi unveiled 11th new logo in 110 years of its history developed by Omnicom's Arnell Group.

Experts predict Pepsi spent $1 Million to design this new logo, which I feel any freelancer could have done for 35 $

As usual they come up with funny justifications one vp says the new logo represents a "series of smiles". Pepsi fired 3300 jobs – 1.8 per cent of its workforce – as part of a plan to save $1.2-billion and on the other side started a $1.2-billion marketing campaign with a change of logo. Wrong time,wired logo and change for the sake of change wont help Indra Nooyi.


Anonymous said...

Good one Praneeth!

Anuradha Parasaram

Sriram Murthy Somayajula said...

Yes, as you have rightly said its a wrong timing. Investing on a marketing Campaign is not a wise strategy for any business at this point of time. As anticipated by experts this recession will continue till the end of 2009.

I think rather than bringing millions of smiles, the situation seems to be the other way round.

Lisa said...

It looks like an evil smile.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was joke, then I decided that someone's dyslexic five-year-old did it.

Note to Pepsi Ad execs: I'm for hire. And I don't cost $1M.