January 08, 2009

Infosys not to hire Satyam employees: How media mislead with there own interpretation

Worst example of leadership:

ET reveals "Infosys has made it clear that they will not hire anybody from Satyam and has told its human resources executives to refrain from hiring employees of Satyam Computer services. Infosys has even advised staff against entertaining calls from Satyam employees"

As a company Infosys has every right on who they recruit and how they recruit, but I clear see no point in disclosing that they wont touch any Satyamite(As if all Infy guys are true epitomes of ethics). Why do Infosys need to talk about a highly sensitive policy with press??

You cant blame all associates of a company for misdeeds of senior management,board members, auditors and play with there emotions at a time when many of satyamites are worried about there future. Think about freshers who got placed in Satyam and waiting for there joining dates, where will they go and how will they react after reading such idiotic statements.

It is a pity that Mohan Das Pai cannot empathize with employees in IT sector and talk such crap.

“We will not touch such a tainted company,” Infosys founder and non-executive chairman N R Narayana Murthy(I used to respect him) had said(at present conditions no one will touch satyam). I wonder if he will stick to the same principle to clients, will he not touch tainted clients?? I am not sure

Update: I Stand corrected, the article seems to have a miss leading heading. What infosys said is they wont poach anyone from satyam, clients included. There is quite a difference from hiring and poaching. Given the tough phase satyam is going through, it is very important to retain talent and Infosys made it clear they wont take advantage of the situation and poach talent from satyam


Siju | സിജു said...

I think by not touching NRN means not taking over Satyam. I can't see anything wrong to it.

praneeth said...

yup Siju, i got it..n its quite understandable no one will buy a comp which is in such a mess.

Anonymous said...

There is a way of telling.....If he was a man of Ethics, he could have told, at present we dont have plans for acquistion.......But instead who he is branding Satyam as "Tainted Brand".......This is to send signals to Satyam Customers and poach them.

Already they have started this excercise from a Japanese company - Where Satyam won but due to Maytas deal, Infy poached and morally corrupted the client and snathched the order.

Anonymous said...

Please do redo your blog heading, it is VERY misleading and to an extent slanderous and unless someone read your update to the post.

praneeth said...

@Anonymous, Thx for pointing out, edited the heading