April 19, 2009

2009 Brand Equity Quiz Questions

27 teams battled out in Hyderabad leg of brand Equity Quiz.I guess this is the easiest prelims in recent BEQ's. The toughest part was understanding the question in first go, Derick did not repeat the questions and they are hardly visible on the screen

Prelim Questions:

In Hyderabad, what is auctioned by Balapur utsav Samithhi - The famous Ganesh Ladoo

The store mangers of which retail gaint are known as "Karthas" - Future Group

twitter.com is founded by Jack Dorsey

What is the new name of Guinness Book of World Records - Guinness World Records

Aceralia (Spain), Usinor (France) and Arbed (Luxembourg) merged in 2002 to form which company - Arcelor

To arbitrage is to make fit without risk

Dabur is named after blah blah n blah. Is that statement true or false - True

Time magazine called which brand an example of peer production - Wikipedia

The device was called Leapfrog, then became Strawberry, a reputed linguist suggested Straw is slow word and thus the brand name was changed into - Blackberry

Under whose leadership GM started "A car for each purse and purpose" - Alfred Sloan

If it is Incredible India,for India, what is for Australia - Amazing Australia

THe word comes from old english word for anxiety - Business

Who received royal warrant as the only English supplier of coco to Queen - Cadburys

Payment method invented by Marselis Berry - Travelers Cheque

Longest running hoarding campaign - Amul

In 2008, which economist was appointed as advisor to PM - Raghuram Rajan

OSRAM brand name originated from

In its centenary year, what did yamaha added to its name - Corporation

The small swedeish town of..produces what - Absolot Vodka

In 1987 Mills and Boons was entered into Oxford dictionary

Print ad of horlicks

Pic of Alexander Graham bell

Logo of ISB


rohitnair said...


Have linked this post on my blog.. Could you also tell me who won?

Man La Mancha said...

'karthas' was for the Future group and not Reliance Retail.


praneeth said...

@Rohit: Thx, I left immediately after prelims,not sure who won it

@MAn La Mancha: Ha thanks, that was a typo from my end.



sriram said...

Hi praneeth,

ny idea abt the cut-off for the prelims?

praneeth said...

@Syed - Thanks for updating on winners

@Sriram - My guess 21-23

Anonymous said...

Hi i participated in the quiz. the cut off was 21.