April 21, 2009

Homai Vyarawala Tata Nano First Owner

Tata's gifted the much awaited Nano to 96 year old Homai Vyarawala, who is India's “first Woman photographer’. Homai sold her 55 year old Fiat car to buy a brand new Nano and respecting her passion for the car, Tata's gifted the car to her.

Drive safely mam :)


Whats in a Name said...

Hey, I had heard the first delivery was done to the President of India????

PS: Just went through your trivia and they are just awesome...

praneeth said...

Not sure, I read about it in couple of business papers n auto websites.

THx n glad you liked it :)

Whats in a Name said...

Ya I just googled and found you are right..