May 13, 2009

Check It Out

Edgar Hernandez a.k.a "Patient Zero"may be the first person to have contracted the swine flu, or the New H1N1 virues. I hope he survived the deadly flu. BTW, Common seasonal flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people every year worldwide.

Bill Waters claims to found out the original formula of Dr.Pepper from a book he bought at a antique stores. The formula is written in Alderton’s notebook labeled “CASTLES FORMULAS

Dr.Pepper was started out in the late 1800's as a syrupy additive to tonic by pharmacist,Charles Alderton, an employee of Wade B. Morrison at the Old Corner Drugstore. The original formula drink contains ‘denatured rum,’ and vanilla, among other thing and was probably sold as a "digestive" to help make stomach medicine palatable.

Cambodian Farmers expressed concern about the rice harvest after the royal oxen refused to eat the grain. more on this thamasha here

E.U levied a $1.45-billion fine on Intel for bribing retailers and manuf to shut its main rival out of European markets.Neelie Kroes, EU Competition Commissioner joked after passing the judgment that Intel can change its latest advertising slogan from "sponsors of tomorrow" to "the sponsor of the European taxpayer". More.

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