June 19, 2009

IPL is the 6th most valued brand according to SportsPro magazine

Wow I am really surprised that IPL became sixth most valued sports brand according to a study conducted by Sports Pro magazine. IPL is valued at 1.6 billion $

The list includes:

1. NFL $4.5bn
2. MLB $3.936bn
3. NBA $2.344bn
4. Nascar $1.9bn
5. Fifa World Cup $1.7bn
6. Indian Premier League $1.6bn
7. Ferrari $1.55bn
8. Manutd $1.495bn :)

BCCI/lali Modi must really thank ZEE groups Subhash Chandra for giving them a innovative idea. I guess these rankings are more or less driven by TV rights + marketing hypes, more on it later

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