January 22, 2007

bgyan # 3

1. cricinfo.com was the brainchild of British scientist Dr.Simon King. In 1993 he starved of cricket at the University of Minnesota, USA. Dr.King used internet to create a site that allowed him to follow middlesex ( a english county team) and England cricket

2. 'Wal-mart pride' is the newly formed organised Group of Gay,lesbian,bisexual and transgender (GLBT) employees at wal-mart

3. According to Warren Buffet, the five most dangerous words in business may be 'everyone else is doing it"

4. Coca Cola Red Lounge is the commercial version of the 'coca cola red room' which was part of the set for American idol

5.Qatar has been blocked from editing any entry on wikipedia due to large voluem of spam and vandalism

6.In his book Perfect enough, george anders painted Carly Fiorina (ex HP) as a lonely heroine battling male chauvinism in an ossified company.

7. marijuna is the largest cash crop in USA. American farmers produce nearly $35 billion worth of this crop annually

8. Mobile bar from smirnoff was named Smirnoff Bar 21 because the legal age of drinking is 21

9. Coca Cola has a virtual agent named 'hank', who answers consumers queries about the company's product?

10. Virgin employees refer Richard branson's method of trusting his own instincts without conducting further market research as virgin system of one (VSO)

Arindam Sanyal - 5, kumar vaibhav - 6, Anant Singhania - 1, amaresh chetan - 4, sarvashree b - 4, Shrinidhi Rai - 1, varadharajan - 1, Nikhil Narayanan - 1, Rohit Jain - 1, Amraesh chetan - 4,
Ramachandran well tried, pawan Daulat 6

Thanks everyone for participating

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