January 02, 2007

JWT's Top 15 trends expected to define in 2007

According to ad agency JWT, These 15 trends are expected to define 2007:

Skype/VoIP, Wii and the next-generation gaming systems, The business of social networking, Pop-up stores, restaurants and bars, Shrinky Dink technology (TVs are flat and hidden, iPods are down to half an ounce, speakers are smaller and less visible, and so on), The rise of nanotechnology, Sustainable construction/green buildings, Hydrogen fuel cell technology, Veggie-bus: school buses running on biodiesel fuel, Trans-fat fallout, Reality show talent searches, Ohio State's freshman basketball phenom, Greg Oden, Fear of agri-terrorism, Halal foods, Participatory advertising (user-generated advertising and music video competitions)

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