March 31, 2009

Check It Out

A year back I posted few "Thursday Trivia" posts, unfortunately work n life took a toll on quizzing and I discontinued it. Now I am reviving Thursday trivia but in a new form " Check It out", a collection of interesting news, business trivia, and blah, blah. I hope this series last quite long

Depilex salon chain is a popular saloon chain in Pakistan,it employees acid attack victims of Pakistan. I guess clients do deserve a pat for supporting such a saloon. Read more

March 28, 2007: 2.2 million Australians turned off lights. 2008: 50 million people turned off lights, as part of "Earth Hour". Check out some amazing pics from

Well earth Hour is a good initiative, but is it enough??

To be legally accepted as an 'idiot', one has to be so dumb as to be unable to count till 20, list the days of the week, or fail to remember the names of one's parents
- Supreme Court of India

KFC launched a pilot infrastructure program "re-fresh" in USA, the deal is KFC will offer road-repair grants to cities across the country if mayors allow KFC to brand freshly repaired potholes with temporary chalk declaring "refreshed by KFC.

That's a awesome idea to fill some 350 million potholes in USA

Who are the greediest people on earth, check out this slideshow

IBM filed an application to copyright a computerized system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks. IBM withdrew it later on, but do they really need a copyright of it??

In 1998, blogging was called journaling

Forbes released Most Corrupt nations list, and yes most of them have failed democracies.
More than 5% of global gross domestic product, or $2.6 trillion, was smuggled, used for bribes or stolen from taxpayers in the past year, according to World Bank

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