March 05, 2009

TDP's Lame Colour TV scheme

So the great election tamasha had began in India. I dont have any hope on Main stream parties(Congress, BJP, Third to Fifth fronts), but they are few things which make me really upset on our political leadership, like the free Color TV scheme by TDP. TDP's freebies will cost 20,000 Cr RS yearly to exchequer i.e. is 20% of state budget

Its illegitimate, irresponsible, unconstitutional and is a kind of bribe to voters. TDP has a comical logic to support this scheme:
Poor people after working from morning to evening need a form of relaxation, so free TV's.
TV's help people who cant read newspapers get information. we can spread knowledge with TV's
In the villages, there is only one entertainment, TV so we are giving it poor and lower income groups

I am sure congress manifesto will be on similar lines, they may offer free color TV+ DVD player + unlimited Cd's from bigflicks.

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