March 21, 2009


Vivek and Daniel of Dhanalaxmi Engineering college emphatically won Hyderabad round of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz. In first of its kind, Hyderabad round saw 5 engineering teams and only 1 b-school in finals.

Teams on stage cracked almost all questions and Giri mentioned about a lower cut off in prelims(I guess it will be somewhere between 11-13)and noted there are more undergrad teams

TC Prelims questions:

Krishna Palepu who was on the board of Satyam was also on the board of which company - DR.Reddy labs

Identify the logo - BEL(Bharat Electronics Ltd)

Which steel manuf launches "Project Cheetah " and "Project Falcon" for upgradation and expansion of its steel plants - JSW

Which retail company founded by Otto Bershem has the tagline "Spirit of Commerce" = METRO

Taj hotels economy hotels are now rebranded as - Gateway

Which software major has launched - Microsoft

Who in India now endorses Ford Endeavour - Sunil Shetty

identify the logo - Paradise Hotel, a famous Hyderabadi biryani joint

Which watch brand is advertised with slogan "it takes a licking and keeps ticking" - Timex

This brand of clothing describes generational differences between Babby boomers and their parents - GAP

Identify Goldman Sachs CEO

This telecom gaint has a new logo, the blue color represents depth of integrity, orange stands for passion with two arrows focusing on diversity - Bharti

Which alumni of Osmania Univeristy and co founder of Pictra India replaced Bruce Chizen at Adobe - Shantanu Narayana

Which IT businessman divided his company into "Network of Circles" - Ramalinga Raju

Identify whose brands are these from the world of footwear - kids, Eva lite, breezers, Soldiers - Lakhani

Which Indian has been nominated to the UN taskforce that will suggest reforms to the global financial system - Y.V.Reddy

identify the production house from the audio track(song from Dostana movie) - Dharma productions

TVC of lifebuoy soap

Wild Card Round 1:
This one was a very close affair. 4 teams answered one question each and finally MJCET( I guess) answered the third tie breaker question

This group started in chennai as Ajax india by A.M.M Chetyar - Murrugappa Group

Hospitality company started in 1927 in Washington is today a more famous as a hotel chain - JWT Marriot

This is a campaign for a billion....Jaago Re

Started in Feb, 1906 it was named Battle Creek, toasted corn is there first business - Kellogs

Time person of the year in 1982 - PC

This cop is famous for using a painting(Nipper, the Dog) - HMV

THis org originally thought of 11 then extended to 21 and finally to 31 ... - baskin Robbins

This org recently celebrated its centenary and created a new punch line "Together we can" - Canara Bank

Jisco Subsidary of - Tata steel

Wild Card 2nd Round -

2 companies are involved in makeing of CD's - philips and Sony

Full form of MICO - Motor Industries company

Financial advisor to Arnold Schwazneger in his California Senate elections - W.Buffet

Massaro ibuka founded - Sony

mercedes benz is subsidary of - Daimler


what word did Jayram Ramesh coined in the world of economics - Chindia

It first started as bikini festival and introduced the concept of swimwear in 1980's, it repositioned with a greater purpose - Miss World Contest

Founded in 1927 as Victory Company, its a subsidary of US comp and gave VHS format to the world - JVC

Tern coined by Hywell Murell in UK in 1949, this was term for study of interaction of technology they use and environment they work in - Ergonomics

Picture of Srini Raju

Dream spark is a program by Microsoft in which MSFT provide free software to students

Renalut and Dalda logos

Steve Wozniack Pic

Tata comp which signed a deal with Fox - Tata Sky

You will associate this Tata partner with Man Utd - AIG

This global consulting company was founded by Bruce Henderson- BCG

This company was founded by two brothers Edward and Andre , it began publishing Red guides and Blue Guides - Michelin

She featured at the 25th spot in Forbes most powerful women , She did her MBA from Jamanlal Bajaj - Chandra kochar

P.S: Check out interview with Giri Balasubramanyam


Anonymous said...

Hey Praneeth this is Debjit correct Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering is from Chennai and not from Hyd

shibin azad said...

awesome work dude...
shibin azad

Naag said...

Like any other day.. Giri was good. But i expected more from him either in the terms of quality or entertainment. What is really surprizing is that none of the very known faces of quizzing were there on the stage. And the one hope raja satish lost it third time in a row in his two year MBA! Sad for him!

The quality of quiz was really good. The rounds were good. The prizes were also good inspite of recession. Giri's idea of scrutinizing the participants ensured that the Cruisible brand would not be tarnished the way it was last year in Hyd. Edition.

Special mention about the teams on stage: Though some dhanalaxmi college won the show, i would say that every team on stage was both lucky and also quick in answering the questions.

sidharth said...

Well i am shocked how can they allow chennai team to play at hyd

@ debjit Did u ppl contact grey Caps???


Anonymous said...

already use they had permission it seems....leave it yaar

V.Vivek said...

Hi.. this is Vivek from Dhanalakshmi college of engg. since we had national board of accredation inspection in our coll campus, we weren't able to take part in chennai edition of tata crucible. my coll principal spoke with a couple of co ords n got permission for us to take part in hyde. we came jus for a final round place. luckily we won.

V.Vivek said...

hi everyone.. this is v.vivek from dhanalakshmi college of engg. since we had national board of accredation inspection in our coll campus, we weren't able to take part in chennai edition of tata crucible. my coll principal spoke directly with the tata co ords and got us permission for taking part in hyde. we jus came for a final round spot. luckily we won.

Anonymous said...

@ Vivek
Hey dude congrats on your Win and we do not have any issue of you coming to Hyderabad,it was just that we were speaking about the rules the Tata's had mentioned,anyways it is always the best team on the day that wins so you guys were good and you deserved to win.Congrats and all the best for the National Finals. Please let us end the conversation here-Debjit

V.Bhargav said...

Hey check out my blog, I have complete questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey times man of the year for 1992 was Bill Clinton. PC was in 1982

praneeth said...


Thanks for pointing out, typo from my side. I will correct it