August 26, 2007

first of its kind

The Wispa bar first appeared in 1981 for a trial in the North-East. A rival to Nestle's Aero, it had the slogan "Bite it and believe it".

Cadbury's discontinued Wispa in 2003 and replaced under the name of 'Dairy Milk Bubbly'.

Cadbury's was relaunching Wispa in Oct,2007 after which unusual event?

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praneeth said...

The power of internet has forced Cadbury's to relaunch a chocolate bar.

Cadbury Schweppes is relaunching a chocolate bar called Wispa, after nearly 14,000 people joined “bring back Wispa” groups on Facebook, signed online petitions,
posted videos ads on youtube

praneeth said...

people demanded to relaunch the brand..cadburys is relaunching Wispa because of these demands