August 17, 2007

The most inhuman..

Sir John Hawkins -Portugal -The Royal African Company -Treaty of Utrecht - Jamestown square

Connect the above?

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praneeth said...

Ans- The Slave Trade

Sir John Hawkins becomes the first English slave trade. He is backed by the treasurer to the British navy, the lord mayor of London and Elizabeth I

For two hundred years, 1440-1640, Portugal had a monopoly on the export of slaves from Africa

The Royal African Company is formed by a group of London merchants to regulate the English slave trade
It received annual grants from British Parliament

The Pic is "Metal Branding Irons with Owners' Initials" that were used to stamp on slaves

At the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, Britain signs the Treaty of
Utrecht with Spain. This grants Britain the right (asiento) to import
slaves into Spanish America for 30 years.

praneeth said...

Jamessquare town is where first public auction of a slave happened(I am not 100% sure of it)