August 12, 2007

Tata Crucible

Wow what a finish both Tata Internal track n external track went till the last question at Tata Crucible Hyderabad.

Well I guess Giri would have a decided to make prelims damn tough. The cutoff would be somewhere near 10-12 with highest near 15.

Prelims this time is more of trivia n history than current affairs

Winners: The Tata Track was won by the TCS team who where runner ups from last 3 years. They defeated a young TCS team. Three teams had a chance to win on the last question.

External: A consistent Satyam team of Murali and Bharghav defeated another Satyam team. Finally a Hyderabad team won the Hyderabad leg this year

Now coming to questions..from prelims,Internal and external rounds

1.“My word is my bond” is motto of LSE

2.Touch stone pictures is a division of Walt Disney

3.Saint Gobian video ad

4.Official Timekeeper of F1

5.Venture capitalist in Dilbert comic – Vijay

6.Sotheby’s ticker symbol – BID

7.First Indian airline to get an Airbus A380 – Kingfisher

8.NFL logo

9.Murdoch bought stake in Wall Street Journal form which family – Bancroft family

10.World richest footballer according to fortune (or fobes) Ronaldhino

11.Who bought 100% stake in Lintas India – Inter republic Group

12.Oscar’s are audited by Pwc

13.Penegra is Indian version of Viagra from Zidus cedilla

14.The adventures of bystander” is a book written by

15.Media refers Caterpillar as

16.‘Steel solutions for a better world' – Arcellor

17.Ken & Midge beast friends of Barbie

18.Original name they thought of is ‘presspaq’ from the world of Compaq it was finally named as – Pessario

19.They thought of calling there company as ‘limited unlimited’ – Microsoft

20.‘Vonamor’ campaign Romanov vodka

21.Pic’s – Greg Barett of Intel, co-optex logo, Tesco logo, master card print ad, Sega mascot

22.Author of ‘Out of the crisis’ deming

23.‘From Alonso to the makers of scorpio they worked for me’ – Renault

24.Originally known as the Dayton Dry Goods company – Target

25.Financial inst which runs the operations of the Discover brand credit cards – Morgan Stanley

26.They Supply high tech fuel for AT&T Williams f1 team – petrobras

27.North Delhi Power corp logo

28.Which tat company created a mascot ‘Dr.Vishwas’ – Rally’s

29.Tie Breaker question for 2nd and 3rd place

30.With Which business info sys company would you associate with ‘DUNS’ number – Dun & Bradstreet

31.Pics of Joseph bombardier and ken kotharagi(Playstation)

32.Video ads pf Opel, Asian paints, Planet M, kissan

33.Rover Logo

34.‘Wave Runner’ which company will you be associated with it – Yamaha

35.Jamshed Tata trust pledged… 2007 to whom – LSE

36.Eden gaurds, KSCA stadium connect – wified by Tata Indicom

37.Baista is acquired by Lavazo

38.Dominos introduced Zapizza along with – is the largest fan community of which band….

40.Who wrote ‘The Affluent Society’ –John Kenneth Galbraith

41.Kookaburra funda

42.Connectors – world space, Marshal Mcluhan

43.Logo of Lovato

44.Saralee funda

45.What is Brand Bindass from UTV

46.Name the finance prof who replaced kenith R at univ of Chicago – Raghuram Ranjan

47.Worlds first antidepressant was better known as …is from which company – Roche

(P.S - ques based on my memory)

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