October 10, 2010

Tata Crucible corporate quiz- India semi finals

XIMB ( bhubneshwar), Telegraph (Kolkata) , Rourkela Steel, Indian Armed Forces Medical College (Chandigarh) , XS Associates, Infosys (hyderabad), Bhilai Steel Plant (Nagpur) , Savoir Faire (Goa) and marico industries (Indore) battled out in first seminals at Tata Crucible India finals 2010. The semi finals was rarther a quick fire round of 20 questions and was closely contested.

Rourkela, Savoir Faire, XIMB  and crowds favorite Armed forces medical college progressed into the national finals
Below are some of the questions from the semis:

Round one on buzzer:

It was designed by two people, Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich .. - MIG Series of fighter aircrafts

In the manufacturing of pencil, what is ferrulie - is a ring or cap that connects rubber and the pencil with a metal band

What is distaff race - horse racing, in which races limited to female horses

Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Marry Kay Ash

Round two:

Black box in a flight is known as Red Egg

As a boy he is a keen scholar, he contributed in technology during cold war, however his most famous invention was a result of one of the discussions with his daughter.. which product am I describing? - Polaroid

At the time of his death, he was under intense pressure from Goldman Sachs ....Robert Maxwell

Which modern day company originates to textile company founded in 1929 - Berkshire Hathaway 

Round three: Visuals

Pic of  Leonard howarth nobel economics winner

Pascal lamy picture

Showed an image which represents Art on Rice field

Round four:

Charles and James started a company as whisky merchants and bonded ware housemen in Glasgow in 1882.An Indian company now owns this brand - white and mckay

This commercial artist is known for shoes, the economist described him in 2009 as "bellwether of the shoe market" - Andy Warhol

As expected, there was a tie breaker to decided the contestant for the fourth sport between Ranchi, Indore and Nagpur

TB Q1 - In 1997 I purchased 4000 mt of this, in may 2006 I announced I don't own this anymore, if this is silver, who am I - Waren Buffet

TB Q2 - In the abbreviation of  CNX, if N is NSE, what does C stand for - Crystal

TB Q3 - If De Bonon coined the word 'lateral thinking', who coined the word 'parallel thinking' - De bono

TB Q4 - What in the world of TQM is DIRFT - Do It Right First Time

And finally Ranchi cracked the fourth tie breaker question and grabbed the fourth spot.

Click here for Tata Crucible second semi final


Nikhil said...

Thanks for your efforts! Just that you could have written the answers separately on a different line so that the readers could also try/guess before looking at the answers.
Also, TB Q2 answer here for CNX should be CRISIL and not crystal.

praneeth said...

Thanks Nikhil, will edit the answers