October 11, 2010

Tata Crucible Quiz- Tata Track finals

TCS Mumbai retained Tata Crucible internal championships by beating once again last years runners up m-junction. The other teams on stage include Tata Steel ( Jamshedpur), TCS (chennai), TIFR (pune), TCS Mumbai, Tata Elexsi (bangalore), MetalJunction (kolkatta), Tata Motors (lucknow), and TCS, Delhi.

Questions from Tata Crucible Internal track :(Answers in Italics)

Round 1 - cross words :

Its a latin root word for cleverness - Engineer

Treaty of nanking set up this up as business destination - Hong kong

After Durantoo train, mamta benarjee is launching Yuva train for youth

1851 submarine telegraph.....Reuters

Depak Jain will succed Frank Brown in Insead

What was started as customers afternoon letter  in 1882 - Dow Jones

California Fitness Premium Partners is ownded by - jackie Chain

Round 2 - Visuals

Digg.com logo

Some trivia about prince of perssia game creation

Artpiece of Agatha Criste

Pic of William Games, founder MAD magazine

Round 3 - Tata World

Pic of Carl Foster of Tata Motors 

Pic of John Mattaiah

Logo of Pierre hotel in New York

Pic of the morgen witzel  

Round 4 - equations

PDI cycle + his defination of quality = Edward Deming

Cpt Gopinath election symbol (kite) + Air Deccan new logo = Cpt Gopinath

Round 5 is again equations with a formula

Overall its a decent internal finals with some good answers from the team. Next up the big external track final questions

For Tata Crucible external track semi final one questions click here

For Tata Crucible external track semi final two questions click here

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