October 13, 2010

Tata Crucible India finals 2010

Savoir Faire (Goa) won the  National Final of Tata Crucible Business Quiz- 2010. The goans forced a tie breaker by cracking the final question of the quiz and defeated a consistent chennai team (Gopal Rao and Shankar)

The other finalists who fought for the honors are - Madras Metallurgical (chennai), Riurkela Steel (Ranchi), HLL Mumbai), XIMB (bhubneshwar), NTPC (Delhi) and Chennai Silks (coimbatore).

Questions from Tata Crucible finals: (Answers in italics)

Round 1:

These were originally produced from randomized version, the first non computer version was manufactured by scientific games ..scratch cards

THe product was developed by Jhon Issac Hawkins. He  received a US patent for his device in 1803 and in 1804, Thomas Jefferson began using the device extensively. Which product am I describing? - Auto Pens

Beleved to be the oldest surviving in that industry, the logo was based on memories of his childhood in Utah... Paramount Pictures

The crown plaza hotel in Copenhagen  offered $36 to its guests who can cycle for 15 minutes. Why are they doing it. To generate power for the hotel

 The phrase was originally coined by John Seybold and was popularized by xerox....WISIWG

Maldives is the first country to start a diplomacy island where they can virtually call ...SecondLife

Ruth Belville born in 19th century has a unique business model. What was that business model that give here a unique nickname - Greenwich Time LAdy. She used to set times in watches according to GMT

Round 2 - Visuals:

Let not the 'press' of men
Disturb a museum piece
When life's extinct, oh then
The pie shall lie in pea

In what context did C.D. Deshmukh wrote that poem - When copper was withdrawn in printing currency

 Why Fight Nature? Said this lady - Ida Rosenthal

Showed the logo of Formica logo

This is a book called 'tactile mind' by Lisa Murphy. What breaking ground did this break into - It is the first pornography magazine

What does this company manufacture - Ahiida manufacture sportswear for muslim women BURQINI

A image on how the term 'Curb side Trading' originated

What in the world are Lotus Shoes - refers to a pair of tiny shoes worn by women with bound feet in Chinese culture.

Who own 'Afras academy for  business communication ' - Shashi Tharoor

ROund 3 - Tata's

In one of the amazing moment I ever saw in a quiz, Rourkela team cracked the four questions in Tata round on buzzer in less than 3 seconds.

Which Tata company acquired HRI - TRF

Saftey mascot of tata steel - Jeevan

Grow More pulses knowledge exchange is owned by - Tata Chemicals 

Round four -  Connectors

Images based on heritage suits in Taj Mahal hotel

A connector on Mahindra Satyam using Deepak Parekh of HDFC, Damadoran Pictures and Waka Waka song

Showed images of Talking Straight book and IMages of Jerry yang, Sam Pitroda and Arnolad - All these guys draw 1 rs/$ salary

 Round five:

It was one of the seven organisation that helped to form USO during world war two and was founded on June 6, 1844  in London - YMCA

The operations of this company are based in Ville Parle, Bombay. It was incorporated on October 15, 1985 as the  Helicopter Corporation of India (HCL)..Pawan Hans

With one question to go, three teams had a chance to win the national finals. Goa are the underdogs at 30, Ranchi who cracked 4 questions in tata round are at 40 and Chennai at 45.  

Last question of the quiz:

The production base is at Dholka (Dist . Ahmedabad) in a impressive spread of 14 acre..and bang came the answer from Goa- wagh bakri

Tie Breaker:

Which bank changed its positioning from 'seen beyond money' to 'live solid, bank solid' - Sun Trust Bank

What does a 'Notaphilist' collect - Bank Notes

On Jan 1, 2011 where will you find worlds largest ferrari logo - Ferrari World, Abu Dhabhi

What iconic brand in fashion came from Arthur Turner - Vogue

The deadlock was finally broken by Goa who cracked this question - Steve Joba and Wozniack decided not to open Apple on either of birthdays and decided to open on which date - April 1, All Fools Day

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