October 11, 2010

Tata Crucible Quiz- India semi finals

The second semi final of Tata Crucible was again a close affair. HLL  Mumbai answered the final question on buzzer and forced a tie breaker between Chennai and Cochin. The other teams on stage are Madras Metallurgical (chennai) , HSBC (Bangalore), Green Shield (Guwahati) , ITC (Ahmedabad) , HLL (Mumbai), NTPC (Delhi), Chennai Silks (coimbatore), Malayalam Manorama (cochin) and BMFC (lucknow)

Questions from tata crucible second semi finals: (Answers in Italics)

 Round 1:

He along with physicist Ernst Abbe lead to the discovery of the Abbe sine condition and started making microscopes - Carl Zeiss

THis is a term of two works used to purchase controlling intrests in a public traded company - Corporate Raider

What word comes from latin for self and mobility - Automobile

This city on the banks of rhine river is home ot Novartis, Roche and Bank of International Settlements - Basel 

Described the profile of  the don fabio capello in the movie godfather and asked to identify who he is

Only bank in the world which has ATM's only in Latin - Vatican Bank

A question on BPO which employs inmates of cherlapally jail in Hyderabad

A question on encryption process used by Julias Ceasar 

ROund 3 :

A picture describing Oracle using greek gods

Eastman kodak image
Intel founders image
Round 4:

Founded in 1772 they started making motorcycles in 1903 and merged with British Match corporation - Wilkinson Sword

Image of  the book - 'making India work' on fab India by william bissell
Chennai manged to crack one of the tie breaker questions and joined NTPC, HLL and chennai silks in the finals.

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